Fun Topic - your favorite OnShape "featurescripts"?

Hey all! I just started using OnShape for more than just viewing CAD files by the team, but for creating CAD files myself. This being said, I’ve found that there are things that are much harder to do in OnShape without a tool for it.

Hence: what are your favorite featurescripts? I just read this awesome tool for creating belts, and it’s great!

Would love to hear more thoughts! Thanks in advance!

I don’t remember how I survived without the “Tube Converter” FeatureScript created by Julia. Makes designing the structure for a subassembly in a single sketch absolutely painless.


Wowza, that one’s great! 100% adding this to my workflow.

I love configurations and self labeling parts.

So surface text is one of my favorites.

Is that a 2" spacer or a 2.25" spacer. Well it’s written on the side!

When we get back in the shop I want to experiment with the auto part numbering FS, 0 height surface text, and a sharpie endmill on the ATC.


Although my workflow leans heavily on my own featurescripts, I also use Measure Distance, Measure Length, and Lighten quite a bit. The former are very contextual, but can be good to make parts more parametric.


What are thooose?

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Some of my favorites

Laser Joint - link: Onshape
Video - D1.4 OnShape - Laser Joint & T-slot Joint Featurescripts - YouTube

T-Slot Joint -
Description: Updated FeatureScript: T-Slot Joints for Laser Cut Parts — Onshape link:
Video - D1.4 OnShape - Laser Joint & T-slot Joint Featurescripts - YouTube

Auto Layout -
Description - Auto Layout Feature — Onshape - link:

Overcut/Dogbone -
Exists as part of “laser joint” already but for any part - Onshape


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