[FUN Week 1] GameDay Live Sat/Sun FRCTop25 Tues

First Updates Now Week 1 Schedule:

All Shows can be watched at thebluealliance.com/watch/gdl

Saturday: GameDay Live! of Hub City Regional. 1:45pm Eastern

Sunday: GameDay Live! MAR H&H District Event 12:45pm Eastern

Monday: FUN Plays Games: Come play online with us on Twitch! Subs are eligible for giveaways. 7pm-10pm Eastern

Tuesday: FUN Recap and FRCTop25 8:30pm Eastern (poll will be posted separately. Open Sunday Evening and Close Monday Evening).

Hope you can join us!

We will be covering the MAR H&H Event starting around 12:45pm Eastern. Other events are quit a bit behind so we had to make a change.

Come game with us tonight! 7-10pm Eastern. Twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Maybe this is somewhere out there, but I just cannot find it.

Is there anywhere I can watch the broadcast of FUN commentary of Hub City? Or is it saved somewhere where I can watch the play back?


I’ll second this. Watching the commentated version of Semis 2 would be awesome.

There was an issue with the Twitch archive but we do have a local copy that we are trying to re-upload. Youtube mutes it due to copyright and vimeo has an upload limit. I’ll update if we are able to get it up on Twitch but I would expect portions to be muted.

Just got uploaded on Twitch:


Going live in a couple minutes with FUN Recap and the FRCTop25 Hope you can join us!