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FRC Top 25 polls are now open through Monday 5pm eastern at FRC Top 25 Week 1 Poll 2023 Vote for up to the Top 25 teams of the week. We are adding sign in verification for this season to reduce spam.

Feel free to post in here what teams you think should be on the FRC Top 25. Tons of teams competed and help showcase who you think should stand out.

Week 1 Competition Season live shows are on Monday’s and Tuesday’s streamed to Twitch and arched at First Updates Now - YouTube . Week 1 will feature giveaways from AndyMark, REV Robotics and Playing with Fusion!

Stream Schedule (all times US Eastern)
Monday 7:30pm: FRC Recap. We have 25+ correspondents from all over the globe to cover ALL week 1 events in an ESPN style recap.

Monday 9:00pm (or after FRC Recap): FRC Round Up with guest @Michael_Corsetto from 1678 Citrus Circuits. FRC Round Up is our roundtable discussion and debate show. Topics currently include:
Update from 1678 with mention of the double red + yellow cards Q71 Hueneme Port
Traffic issues and tipped cones discussion
Double Elim Revisited: Community complains and compliments

Tuesday 8:00pm FRC Top 25. We count down the top 25 teams as voted by you and also show ranks 26-50 that were close. We also debut clips of the week as submitted on the FUN Discord by each Sunday

We have Behind the Bumpers team interviews with new correspondents providing interviews and also FUNalysis match breakdowns coming also in this content packed week!

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I would like to put forth for your consideration, 857 - Superior Roboworks. They seeded 1 at the FiM Escanaba competition with an OPR of 52 and an EPA of 52.6. As of my posting that EPA is good for 21st worldwide. Not only that, but during the playoffs, they dealt with their first pick having major issues throughout playoffs and still, along with our third robot 8382 and a hobbled first pick, were putting up scores ranging from 106-139 to win the event, including a 4 game winning streak lower bracket run from being sent down after losing in the semifinals of the upper bracket.


They 100% deserve it! Credit to them for putting together such a powerful alliance with 3175 and 8382. I would recommend 3175 as well. They were a perfect example of dominant while remaining gracious and professional. Congrats on the big win guys!

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695 Bison Robotics Deserves some votes. they were likely not on anyone’s radar prior to coming to the South Florida regional this year. But they have built a quick and simple machine and went home with the un-defeated record to show for it. Great team all-around.


We’ve over 300 votes. Keep em coming. Voting closes around 5pm eastern.

Also we have giveaways lined up for each show this week:

FRC Recap 7:30pm eastern start: REV Robotics
FRC Round Up 9:00pm eastern start with guest @Michael_Corsetto : Playing with Fusion

FRC Top 25 8:00pm eastern start: AndyMark

One more addition: 1339 AngelBotics will be debuting their robot reveal on FRC Top 25 on Tuesday before we get to the Top 5!


FRC Top 25 polls are closed. Thank you to the 425+ voters and we can’t wait to run through the countdown on Tuesday starting at 8pm eastern. Tune in live for a chance to win giveaways from AndyMark.

FRC Recap starts at 7:30pm eastern tonight with 28 events to cover from 4 countries followed by FRC Round Up with guest @Michael_Corsetto at about 9:00pm eastern. Tune in live <Twitch> for a chance to win giveaways from REV Robotics and Playing with Fusion or watch the archive on Twitch VoD or at First Updates Now - YouTube

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FRC Recap is about to start with 28 events all around the world! Also tune in for a $25 gift card giveaway + stickers from REV Robotics Twitch

Plus stick around around 9:00pm eastern for FRC Round Up with FRC 1678 coach Mike Corsetto for round table discussions and debates.

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Starting with FRC Round Up and @Michael_Corsetto Twitch

2 Likes FUNN Anchor Charged D Up checks in with traffic correspondent Drive R. Station for FRC week 2 previews and provides a live reaction to mentor pattern baldness.


3 Likes FRC Round Up Episode 14: Why Me Hueneme?
Guest: @Michael_Corsetto from 1678 Citrus Circuits . Thank you Mike for being an awesome guest!

2:17 Why Me Hueneme
7:39 Double Elims Revisited
18:30 FIRST HQ Match Review


4 Likes Correspondents from all around the globe provide their recap and insights from the 28 FRC Week 1 events! Chapters added to videos for each region.



FRC Top 25 is about to start. Come hop on to see the Top 25 teams, ranks 26-50, Clips of the Week, 1339’s reveal video and a giveaway from AndyMark! Twitch Check out the Week 1 Clips of the Week for the Charged Up FRC 2023 game as submitted by the FUN community!


Submit clips of the week to

I didn’t get a chance to watch the episode yet, but love the shirt, Mike. @Michael_Corsetto


I only remembered this now, but it was so fun to see 7225 self righting without assistance at Milford, too late to submit now though.


Agreed, big surprise. I plan on watching some of their matches.

Congrats to FRC 1678 Citrus Circuits for being voted 1 in the FRC Top 25 for week 1 of the Charged Up season!

Vote in the FRC Top 25! Final FRC Top 25 2023 Polls open around 5pm eastern on Sunday and close 5pm eastern on Monday.



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