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FRC Top 25 polls are now open through Monday 5pm eastern at FRC Top 25 Week 3 Poll 2023 Vote for up to the Top 25 teams of the week. We are adding sign in verification for this season to reduce spam.

Feel free to post in here what teams you think should be on the FRC Top 25. Tons of teams competed and help showcase who you think should stand out.

Week 2 Competition Season live shows are on Monday’s and Tuesday’s streamed to Twitch and arched at First Updates Now - YouTube . This week will feature giveaways from AndyMark, The Thrifty Bot and Playing with Fusion!

Stream Schedule (all times US Eastern)
Monday 7:30pm: FRC Recap. We have 25+ correspondents from all over the globe to cover ALL week 2 events in an ESPN style recap.

Monday 9:00pm (or after FRC Recap): FRC Round Up with guest @HDrake 111 Wildstang & 112 Plus One. FRC Round Up is our round table discussion and debate show.
Topics will be posted here when finalized.

Tuesday 8:00pm FRC Top 25. We count down the top 25 teams as voted by you and also show ranks 26-50 that were close. We also debut clips of the week as submitted on the FUN Discord by each Sunday

We have Behind the Bumpers team interviews with new correspondents providing interviews and also FUNalysis match breakdowns coming also in this content packed week!


6045 came up just short of our second blue banner, but I’m still super proud of how the team performed this season! We improved a ton between our first and second event, going from 7.6 pieces/match to 8.5 pieces/match.

We finally figured out how to hit unicorn matches, getting it 50% of the time at our second event vs 0% at our first event.

Here’s a match where we are 1 piece short of soloing the Link RP, which our alliance partner thankfully filled in.

We’re excited to improve over the next few weeks prior to Houston!


FRC Top 25 is open until 5pm eastern at . This is one of the slowest weeks due to number of events to votes are weighted even more!

Topics for FRC Round Up with @HDrake from 111/112:

-Relationship and dynamic of 111 & 112. Perspectives from the Midwest Regional
-Where does game go from here? (teams got to be 4 pieces away from maxing the grid in week 2)
-Advantages/disadvantages of every bot and rev bot - based from Teams that built an Everybot, why? - #7 by MachoStoopid

Recap will have giveaways from AndyMark
Round Up will have a giveaway from The Thrifty Bot
FRC Top 25 will have a giveaway from REV Robotics.


FRC Recap is about to start with 23 events to cover! Come see what’s going on all around the FIRST World with a chance to win a sweet giveaway from AndyMark

Also at 9:00pm eastern we have FRC Round Up with guest Harrison from FRC 111/112


FRC Round Up is about to start with Harrison from 111/112 Twitch

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Thanks to @HDrake for being our guest on FRC Round Up Tonight. Show is now on YouTube:

0:00 Intro
2:19 111/112 Dynamic and Midwest Regional
13:06 Where Does the Game go From Here?
21:19 Everybot: Should Teams Build it?


1 Like Correspondents from all around the globe provide their recap and insights from the 23 FRC Week 2 events! Chapters added to the video.

FRC Top 25 starts at 8:00pm eastern at Twitch with a giveaway from REV Robotics.

0:00 Intro
1:38 US Northeast Recaps (Nor’Easter)
11:35 US Southeast Recaps (SEweet Tea)
27:59 International Recaps (Australia Southern Cross)
24:49 FIRST in Michigan Recaps (InFiMidation)
36:25 US North Recaps (Mid’Best’)
46:17 US South Recaps (Mouth of the South)
57:29 US West Recaps (Best of the West)
1:09:55 Recap After Talk


FRC Top 25 is about to start! Come check out these awesome teams that have been voted upon by the community! Plus a giveaway from REV robotics is up for grabs if you watch live!

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Check out the Week 2 Clips of the Week for the Charged Up FRC 2023 game as submitted by the FUN community!


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Whoever this ref is, they are not getting paid enough for the fantastic job they are doing.

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Ha, so believe it or not this is not the same ref. I thought the same thing but then I looked at the bumpers #'s. One is from FNC and the other is from PNW. Perhaps they should meet to discuss ambitious ref tactics.

1 Like Congrats to 1323 MadTown Robotics for placing 1 in the Week 2 FRC Top 25. Get the full Top 25 teams breakdown including ranks 26-50 and snubs of the week.

Results posted in #frc-general-chat

Don’t forget to vote starting on Sunday through Monday 5pm eastern at



Yeah, we need to get these two together. Friendship for the ages material.

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