[FUN] Week 3 Show Schedule

Another big week ahead! We hope you can join us:

Watch Live at www.thebluealliance.com/watch/gdl or www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

**Saturday: ** GameDay Live! most likely FiM Waterford or Central Illinois Regional

Sunday: GameDay Live! most likely San Francisco.
GameDay Live! will start about 15 minutes before playoff matches.

**Monday: ** Spotlight 8:30pm Eastern. Topic LGBTQ+ members in FIRST. Guest: Jaye Betts from LGBTQ+ of FIRST.

Tuesday: FUN Recap with the FRCTop25 at 8:30pm Eastern. Guest: Will Barnickel from FRC2481 Roboteers.


Not going to watch but throwing my hat for Central Illinois. If for no other reason to give non CA MI TX Canada teams some spotlight.

GameDay Live! will be covering the FiM Waterford Event. Coverage starts 15 minutes before playoffs approximately 1:15pm Eastern.

Hosts: Libby Kamen and Mason Markee

Watch: www.thebluealliance.com/watch/gdl