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The Week 5 FRC Top 25 poll is now open through Monday 5pm eastern at . Vote for up to 25 teams that you feel should be recognized that competed in week 5. Let us know what teams you feel should be voted on by the FRC community!

Clips of the week submissions are now open through Monday 5pm eastern at FirstUpdatesNow in the frc-clips-of-the-week channel.

Show Schedule for Week 5:

Monday 7:30pm eastern FRC Recap: Correspondents from all around the world will provide event recaps on all 31 events from week 5 - Giveaway from The Thrifty Bot

Monday 9:00pm eastern: FRC Round Up with guest @Libby_K from FRC 1923. Round Up is a round table discussion and debate show talking about pertinent topics in FRC. Main topic will be about alliance selection with other topics added later.

Tuesday 8:00pm eastern: FRC Top 25 will rundown the Top 25 teams as voted upon for the community and show off ranks 26-50 and talk about snubs of the week.

We also have a MSC preview video coming to YouTube , FUNalysis, Clips of the Week and 10+ Behind the Bumpers videos being posted over the next few days!

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Someone, please, submit the clip of 2337’s auton in F3 at Troy#2. It is a truly impressive feat to fall down, right yourself, get a G108, and smash your intake, all without driver control.


You couldn’t have programmed that sequence if you tired.

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Something tells me @Clinton_Bolinger doesn’t find it as impressive…:slightly_frowning_face:



Personally, I think Troy #2 - Semifinals Match 13 was more impressive. 3x Game Objects and Balance.

… but maybe not as entertaining.



Clinton what happened with match 2 of the finals? I was watching then had to leave to run errands and when i watched the replay it shows y’all having a 4 point lead going into the charging station where both teams triple climb and then the replay just pops up that y’all lost without an explanation of how? Where if y’all did win that match the 3rd match wouldn’t have happened for the auton mishap to happen. :thinking:

I noticed that same thing, when we went to balance the score was 121 to 117 and I thought that we were good. But the “Real-Time” Score was lagging and not updating correctly. The match was very close with both Alliances scoring the same amount of grid points (except Red got +1 in Auto). It came down to the Auto Balance Points (Blue +4 from Auto) and Penalties.

The Blue Alliance played excellently in the last two Finals matches. They won the matches that they needed to win the event. Congratulations to 1684, 7211, and 5612 on Winning the Troy 2 District Event.

We look forward to seeing you all at MSC this weekend.


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Top pick for me is Finals Match 1 at Saline District Comp. The fact that 8895 got pushed over, and Alliance 3 still won (before the recount), and then the match was recounted with a red card on Alliance 1. Kinda crazy

FRC Top 25 Voting and Clips of the Week submissions close at 5pm eastern today!

Live shows tonight at
FRC Recap at 7:30pm eastern - Giveaway from The Thrifty Bot

FRC Round Up at 9:00pm eastern - Guest: Libby Kamen from FRC 1923
1- Alliance Captains Requesting Robot Modifications-
2- New META of Charged Up going into DCMP. Grids are full, what’s next?
3-Alliance Selection, the issues with it and how to fix it for the future

I think it would be potentially more interesting to talk about the new backup rules for this season. This is a new topic that hasn’t been discussed much since it was announced in the fall.

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FRC Recap is about to start covering all week 5 events! Giveaway from The Thrifty Bot

After at 9:00pm eastern check out FRC Round Up with Guest Libby Kamen from FRC 1923 Twitch


FRC Round Up with @Libby_K is about to start! Twitch


FRC Round Up Ep 17: Reverse Snek is now on YouTube Opposite Snek | FRC Round Up | Ep 17 Libby FRC 1923 - YouTube

Guest: @Libby_K from 1923 The MidKnight Inventors
0:00 Intro
2:13 New Age Cheesecake
12:47 Charged Up META Beyond
20:57 Alliance Selection Revamp


I loved the alliance selection discussion, so glad you hit the points on how stressful this is for the students put on the spot.
Connor I was talking with one of the mentors of the team from WNE that you mentioned during alliance selection while the events unfolded and he was very appreciative of it at the time telling me they knew it was going to be difficult for them. Your kindness did not go unnoticed.


I will second that the alliance selection discussion was awesome. In particular, I LOVE @Tyler_Olds idea of submitting alliance selection slips on a timer as opposed to live selection with the mic in a student’s face.

Allowing our students to confer with the team live, face-to-face as opposed to whatever phone call/slack/text situations that happen now would be such a huge win! That student can feel confident that they are making a selection that has the backing of the team without the MC having to vamp about smoke signals or the dreaded Jeopardy music.

I would hate for this idea to get thrown out on a stream and not be seen by HQ because I think it is an enormous win for the student experience.

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Even putting some space between coming back around for second picks could be an improvement… Ie maybe shift the explanation of how the playoffs work for example to between the first and second picks just to give the 5,6,7,8 alliances a few minutes to get their thoughts in order. Especially since the lower in the alliance order you go, the more likely to have a team or two who weren’t anticipating getting called on as an alliance captain on the mic.

Basically buy them some breathing room by moving 5min of content from later in the day to that window so the overall event time isn’t impacted. In reality we’re already consuming those minutes waiting for them to get a pick together already so if anything it might speed things up.


I think this is the key here. @Libby_K gave a good idea of just keeping people by the stands so they could easily confer with their team. Then having them walk out to give someone a slip which is then announced by the emcee. I mentioned NFL/NBA draft style. "With their first pick, the #1 alliance selects… team XYZ. You could even have them submit up to X amount of picks incase someone declines. Could even give each team a red and green flag, or have a queuer confirm if they want to join the alliance and have the queuer tell the emcee. Then fill with general music in-between picks instead of dead silence.

There would be a lot to flesh out here, but I think it would be interesting to see an off-season pilot something like this. There has to be a balance with the amount of time this takes too in respect to letting people get lunch, strategize etc. I do think that overall this would result in a longer alliance selection and I can already feel the wrath of event managers over this.

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Peter, thank you for your kind words. I strive to always be the best that I can be. I want to make sure every student and mentor has a positive experience at every event they go to. I’m glad to know that student and their team appreciated the gesture.

See you soon!


FRC Recap Week 5 | 31 Charged Up Events - YouTube FRC Recap Week 5 features overviews of all 31 Week 5 events and is now on YouTube!



Due to a comedy of editing errors the Las Vegas regional didn’t upload with the produced version. Rather than take down all of FRC Recap to upload we’re just going to upload it separately. FRC Las Vegas Regional Recap 2023 (Re-Upload) - YouTube

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