[FUN] Who is HoF FRC597 Wolverines?

Hello FRC Community!

Spotlight is back with another episode on Tuesday, February 16th at 8:30PM EST. This will be the last episode before championships.

Our guests will be Darryl Newhouse Lead Mentor and Jason Mares Student Captain of FRC 597 Wolverines.

The Wolverines are the 2015 Championship Chairman’s Award Winners and your latest Hall of Fame Team!

While many people have heard of this team, many (including myself) had no clue who FRC 597 was when they were announced as the Chairman’s Award Winner. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out the amazing outreach and service activities they do that earned them this award. We will also ask the Wolverines about what advice they have for other teams aspiring to win the Chairman’s Award.

Post any questions on this page or in chat live.

If you would like to watch live on the 16th at 8:30PM EST, please go to our Twitch channel.

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Hope to see everybody in FRC Chat World on the 16th!

Hey folks we will be going live in just a few minutes. Hope you can join us!


This team has been awesome since their inception.
Had the pleasure to meet, work with, and alliance with Darryl Newhouse’s team over the years.

A big thanks to Darryl and Ana from FRC597 Wolverines for being on the show last night!

If you want to find out last years Championship Chairman’s Award winner and latest Hall of Fame team’s story. Check out the show at:

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