Fun withg Physics: Hot Wheel Edition

So, this video has been making its rounds, and I thought it would make for a fun hysics discussion:

If you listen carefully, the driver modulates the throttle while going through the loop, so the question is, how fast must the driver be going in order to do the loop?
Bonus points, assuming that the driver does not add much additional power once at the base, how fast does the driver need to be at the base in order to more or less coast through the loop?
Now estimate a distance that these cars ahve to get up to speed, and estiamte how fast they must accelerate, and estimate how powerful an engine the car might need.
Last, but certainly not least, when doing a stunt, it is good to know the point of no return. This is the point where after that, you must execute the stunt, or you will die trying to stop. Where would you put the point of know return, and what is the magic speed at that point?

Remember, Tanner Foust is relying on your calculations. Too slow and he will fall to his doom. Too fast, and the structural integrity of the loop may be compromised or Tanner could black out due to excessive G’s.

Found this infographic also some numbers: 66ft tall loops and 52 mph top speed. I will use this next year to introduce speed in Physics Class!