FUNalysis: Analyzing this decade + giveaway 8:30pm ET!

Join us tonight on FUNalysis starting at 8:30pm eastern.

Hosts: Karthik Kanagasabapathy and Ref PJ Lewalski

Deep analysis of:
2018 Turing QF1-3
2015 Carson F3

Bracket competition comparing the 2010-2018 games with live audience voting to help determine which game was the best of this decade (yeah debate if 2010 is in this decade or not blah blah).

Batthawk giveawayfrom FRC1720 if you watch live!

Watch, chat and win at

Oh this is gonna be good. I maintain that 2011-2014 was the best four year game cycle we’ve had in the modern era, and I’m willing to debate this with anyone.

About to start the show! Come join us, vote for which game you think is the best of the decade and win a sweet prize!

Thank you everyone for a great show last night (despite the crazy back-end issues that was so bad it became a farce).

Here are the show segments:
Breakdown of 2018 Turing QF1-3
Breakdown of 2015 Carson F3
Best FRC Game of the Decade Debate

Best farce of the decade!