FUNalysis and Houston FRCTop25 Tonight!

The Houston FRCTop25 is tonight at 9pm Eastern. See which of the top teams made the list! We had a record 545 submissions! Also China event recaps and an interview from Lidor of FRC1577 Steampunk from Israel!

Also FUNalysis at 8pm Eastern with Karthik and Garrison giving you the match breakdowns to prep you for champs!

Matches Analyzed:
Ontario DCMP Finals 1
New England DCMP QF 1-2

Watch and chat live:

Giveaways for those who watch live: Custom Do the Math Sticker on FUNalysis and custom drawing done on air for FRCTop25!

Woot! That was a fun match. I thought we (blue alliance) pulled off the win, but the real-time scoring was apparently off? (Second time I’ve been fooled by that. Grr). I’m looking forward to seeing what we could have done better to prep for champs.

I forgot to mention but somebody asked about a top rookie list. We will announce the top 5 rookies for Houston champs (or they would play at Houston if qualified) right before our top 5 teams on the countdown.

FRCTop25 going on now! Come Join us!