FUNalysis is back! 2017 vs 2019, Battlecry 2nd RR Match 2, 2019 Detroit F3 w/2056 Giveaways - Details

FUNalysis is back and we’ll have a bit of a different spin!
Breakdowns and Analysis on:
Detroit Finals Match 3
Battlecry 20 2nd Round Robin Match 2
FRC Fights: 2017 vs. 2019 what was the superior game?

Oh and we have one more set of 2056 merch to giveaway!!!

Watch, chat and win starting at 8:30pm eastern on Tuesday at Twitch

We are always up for more suggestions on what to cover. Let us know by posting here or on our Discord


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Which match was this? The results page on the blue alliance makes the RR tournament unclear

Yeah plus the screens all say test match lol.

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Whats notable about that match that its being discussed? Just curious in case I can’t tune in

There’s two matches and then a comparison of two different seasons. The hosts are the ones that select these so it will be up to them to break these down live on air.

Think of it as telling the story of a match and the hosts are telling their narrative on what they believe makes it stand out and how teams can utilize this breakdown to learn in the future. To summarize it in a sentence or two wouldn’t do justice to the work the hosts are putting into it.

We’ll have each segment archived at if you cannot catch it live or on Twitch VoD.

How about a show on hubs alliances collisions conferences. I know MN has several. Being part of one has a lot of benefits. Some are doing some innovative things.

Personally I think some of the semi final matches between the 1st and 4th alliances on Curie this year would be awesome for analysis. Lots of good strategy between the two alliances.

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Going to be honest here, I have absolutely 0 clue what you are referencing to.


I’m honored our match was chosen as being worth discussing and I look forward to watching an outsider pick apart the pieces of our strategy. The Curie 1v4 series was actually a major influence on how we chose to play that match. We knew what 1073 was capable of and spent a lot of time discussing how to best avoid their defense.


We will also be debuting a Behind the Bumpers segment with FRC1073 this evening. Hope you all can join us at

For those unfamiliar with HAC’s here is an example. Others may call it something else.

About to start! Come join us at

Thank you to all who tuned in live to FUNalysis! The segments are now up on YouTube:

Battlecry 2019 SF1M2
Detroit 2019 Finals 3
FRC Fight Night 2017 vs 2019

For those who watched the 2017 vs. 2019 segment: Please provide your feedback. Would you like to see more of these in the future? We are considering spinning this off into a show of it’s own potentially as well.

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It would be cool to see talks of older games (maybe compared to newer games). I’m sure some of the FUN team and maybe other guests can spread some knowledge on how some of the other games were actually played/viewed during the season. For example, 2014 is viewed in a very positive light but thats mainly from the later season matches, early matches were usually much worse.

When 2014 is considered an older game…

But absolutely we would probably go even further back too I think :slight_smile:

Hah, you’re right. It’s my high school days so I think of 2010-14 as some of the best games and I’d love to have new students be re-educated about that era of sports-like games. An even older history of games would be a great discussion too. A special guest per year maybe for a super in-depth discussion of each game

The initial thought would be to have the following format: 1 Host/Moderator and in this case a guest host that takes the side of one subject and another that takes the other side. We would also have live audience voting for certain aspects of the “debate”

:sob: CD makes me feel old lately… and Im not old.