FUNalysis STEMly Cup Finals 3 8:30pm Eastern #Giveaway

The Super Cube at STEMly Cup brought blue alliance a victory in a red alliance dominated match. Join us to breakdown the strategy on FUNalysis tonight at 8:30pm eastern followed by some XTRA FUN with Marbles on Stream!

Watch, chat and win at

Giveaway during the show of a Gyro Board courtesy of Analog Devices, Inc.

No love for the Ramp Riot finals? :frowning:

Ramp Riot was great. Only had 1 host available and tbh I’m getting married this weekend and have 0 time to do enough research for another segment.


Who are the hosts going to be?

Karthik and myself.

In that case I expect this to be very good!

About to start! Come join us.

Will the wedding be streamed on FUN? Congrats man, really happy for you!

Ditto on the congrats! And it being streamed would be great!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night and for the well wishes.

Here’s the full episode of FUNalysis -