FUNalysis Week 0 Events 2/22 9pm ET

FUNalysis is back on 2/22 starting at 9pm ET.

Evan Morrison from RSN along with Libby and Mason will breakdown matches and analyze strategy of the Week 0 event and give you tips to bring up your game.

Replay software provided by RSN.


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I would be curious to hear some thoughts about this match. I’ve watched a ton of matches online and this is one of the few matches where I’ve seen a significant comeback (50 points with 1 minute left). It would be cool to discuss how to mount a comeback in Power Up, and how to put your alliance in an advantageous position early in teleop through the use of Power Ups.

Also very noticeable in this match is the effect of the LRL/RLR color configuration. You can see teams weaving across the field in order to navigate the field with no penalties. You can also see how crowded the field gets with 6 active robots.

Finally, this match features successful “Death Cycles” from the Portal to the Away Switch, and the effect they have is interesting.

I don’t know if you’re taking suggestions for matches to analyze, but I found this one to be very interesting.

Does the normal operation of a robot that could be built in 3 days, and for <$1000 warrant the term “Death Cycle”?

Hardly the same as when it was used in 2014 for a high level strategy that required pretty specific partners to pull off.

Edit: It’s super cool that you can break out of a large auton disadvantage in this game with the right strategy though. We haven’t seen that in a while and I think that’s probably very good for the health of a game in this style.

Fair point. “Everybot Cycle” is probably more appropriate/accurate. That’s just what I’ve been calling them with my team - probably because we tried doing 2014 “Death Cycles” and fell in love with that strategic concept.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and a big thank you to Libby Kamen Drost and Evan Morrison for being our guest analysts.

The archive is now up on

There was a greater amount of alliance strategy on display than I expected for week 0 match play