FUNdamentals Episode 2: Team Recruitment - Guest Andrew from 5414 - Details and Giveaway

Get the FUNdamentals of team recruitment for both students and mentors to prepare your team for next season live tonight 8:00pm eastern at
Guest: @ahartnet from 5414 Pearadox
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About to start FUNdamentals Episode 2 Team Recruitment with Andrew from 5414 Pearadox. Join us to chat and for a giveaway from VEXpro!

Thanks to @ahartnet for being our guest. Video is now on YouTube

FUNdamentals Episode 2 FIRST Team Recruitment with guest Andrew from 5414 Team Pearadox.

Episode 2 focusses on how to approach FIRST team recruitment with different tactics and strategies utilized to bring in students and mentors with additional focus on diversity and inclusion.



Had a great time! Happy to answer any additional questions people may have as well from it.


Maybe a little bit more for Skye, any specific thoughts on how a community team without a presence in a school can specifically be similarly successful?

Competing against other (school based) teams to get students? Or operating in a vacuum just trying to maximize what yo have (i.e. number of students exposed and interested is not the bottleneck)?

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I thin both are helpful. But maybe most importantly, Methods for getting students in the building. When do you expect commitment? What do you do before they have committed and to court them? Maximizing reach and student involved.

I don’t have first hand experience as a mentor with this, but my high school team was a community based team that met at a sponsor location. I got personally recruited by some friends and a teacher from our school that helped found that community team.

I think I’d be brainstorming ways to still get 8th graders right before they start high school. Maybe the team can run workshops and find some ways to have targeted ads to the jr highs. Might see if you can make some personal connections with 8th grade teachers to see if they’ll share some information with students or their parents.

8th graders attention spans seem to be pretty short - so I’d probably be trying to figure out how to get information in front of their parents. Something I didn’t talk much about is that our Pearland Parks and Rec department does some pretty cool things - a trick or treat trail, a STEM fest, a christmas parade, and some other things that are primarily targeted towards families with younger kids. We usually participate in the trick or treat trail and always discuss trying to have an early november “PEARants night out” fundraiser that we promote at the trick or treat trail. You may be able to find similar events but figure out ways to target recruiting instead of fundraising.

Good luck!

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