Fundrace 2004

Have you always wanted to know who your neighbor or somebody else you know has given to the Presidental canidates? Well, know you can because has the answer. All you have to do is to put in an address or someone’s name and you can find out who they gave money to and how much. While some may think this is violating their privacy rights, all this data is a matter of public record.

Check it out :]

that site is awesome. You can learn a lot, like bill gate supports bush, and all the executives of costco support democrats.

Heh, I saw this story on the New York Times last month… it was very interesting. Everyone do a search for 14850 (Ithaca, NY) and see who we’ve been contributing to :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ithaca, NY and close vicinity (14850)…

After the first page (outta 3), donations to Democratic candidates totaled over $87,000.00

I estimated the rest of the donations (on pg 2,3) to total around $30,000

The total donations from Republicans have amounted to $4855.00

seems to be a pretty even race between the Dems and Reps, lol. That’s a very democratic zip code.

My zip has a split of $2,480 for Bush and $1,725 for Dems, but more people have donated to Democrats than Bush.

I’m surprised–given the makeup of my state, I’d expect my area to show up blood red, and then the Greenville/Spartanburg area (home of probably the most hardcore Christian conservatives around) would be redder than red.

I’m a pale pink, and Greer (the short name for that area) turns out white. Neutral. Mind-blowing.

Yeah, looking at my own hometown in North Carolina, I am surprised not to see more Red, it being part of the Bible Belt. But, hey, I’m not complaining.

That’s a preety interesting site…though I do wonder how many people they actually do have on the neighbor search. They can’t have everyone on there.

check out 20816. The entire first page is $2000. And it’s a pretty even split.