Fundraiser for xmas

We are doing a 3dp based fund raiser. Seems to be working pretty well


I really like that!

Neat choice for a 3d printed ornament, given that real snowflakes are produced by a 3d additive process driven by temperature, humidity, and pressure.

I don’t suppose you have a stochastic driver for the actual snowflake pattern so they’re all different, though?

Great Idea! A few questions:

How long goes it take to print per snowflake?

What material are you using?

We recently got our hands on a resin printer and this looks like something that’d be great to do.

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I print 4 at a clip and that takes 4 hours.

They are 138 mm across

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Lol no - we are lucky to got this done in time. So they are all the same

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Oh and we use HIPS of course as its cheap, prints well and yeah its white

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