Fundraising and Sponsors

This is my first year in FRC. And I wanted to know some good strategies on fundraising and getting sponsors. Any ideas ?

The strategy that I am using is to look at the lists of sponsors that other teams have in the regional listings and then contacting said companies or organizations. After you’ve gotten a few, make sure you keep up with these companies (they sometimes want impact reports).

This post is an incredible list of fundraising ideas.

This entire thread is full of good links.

Also, it looks like this similar thread might be being revisited.

Good luck!

I’d recommend taking a look at the FIRST Fundraising Toolkit-- a lot of work was put into it, and it covers a wide variety of situations.

It can be found here.

All good info above. The toolkit is a great resource.

Also, look for workshops during your regional competition. Different topics are covered, but funding or sustainability always seems to be a popular one.

My team will be doing a presentation to the chamber of Commerce and without saying anything they said that they would invite over 50 different businesses to come check us out.

We also host several different tournaments and are able to get colleges to sponsor it and in return we let them set up booths at the events.