Fundraising for Detroit Championship


We, the 4338 American International School Falcons from Even Yehuda, Israel, have just qualified for the Detroit Championship — being the alliance captains of the winning alliance at the Israel DCMP:) The previous year we ranked 46/70 (not even qualifying for the DCMP), so this major improvement represents a game-changing experience for us (a team of only 10-15 people) and this would be the first time that our time qualified for worlds! Worlds has always been a far-away dream for us, and now it is in our reach.

Unfortunately, we fear that we’ll not be able to fund the expensive and life-changing experience of the championship, and we don’t receive aid from the Israel Ministry of Education (in contrast to the other Israeli qualifying teams) as we’re a private American school… Our school has agreed to match up to $10,000 that we get in donations, and then each student will pay an additional $1,200 as an entrance fee. Now we have to raise the money from donations and are on a very short time frame. We would really appreciate any support you can give us—be it $5 or thousands, here is our GoFundMe page where you can contribute to our team. Sizeable donations will correspond to various awards, as per the table located on the GoFundMe page.

The American International School Falcons

Edit: We are currently at $2300 out of $15000, partially due to contributions from this thread already:) (Even $20 can make a difference :slight_smile:) Would it be possible for you to post something after you donate, for any amount, in order to keep the thread going and help us get to worlds?


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