Fundraising Help

Gill St. Bernards is a small school in New Jersey. This is only our second year as a team. At this point our school is not willing to support us financially wise and we are trying to find some new ideas fundraising. Any ideas?

We did just have an ornament sale in which we made clay robotics ornaments using scraps from the art room but it was not a big money maker

Any local hardware store, NASA, a college, BAE Sysyems, any of those should be worth looking to. 1731 got sponsered by Burger King.

It is a private school most we have tried with that but most of them has said taht you are a private school you have a lot of money to spare (Which is not true in this case)

There are lots of ideas to be found at First Nemo

And lots of info in the Fundraising" Thread.

The Sticky at the top for fundraising is a collection of ideas over the years, nicely packaged.