Fundraising Ideas Sheet?

There was a team at the Buckeye regional handing out a sheet with like ten or twenty fundraising ideas. They were also making personalized buttons. Could someone from that team e-mail that list at [email protected] I’m starting a team next year and could use some of those ideas.

If you don’t mind, could you send one my way too! [email protected] Thanks.

A fundraising list? That seems very interesting. I wouldn’t mind receiving one either for my team… :smiley: Thanx to whomever for sending it. ---->> [email protected]

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The Hitchhikers Team 1151

~I would love to see that list too, and maybe get some different ideas from it than your basic carwash (I mean, dont get me wrong, car washes are great and alot of fun and can make alot of $$) but it seems that @ my school, all the different clubs do car washes for $$ and people might give us more if we have a car wash and/or a new and exciting thing/activity! So to whomever is the holder of this “list”, would you be so kind as to send it my way also?! my e-mail address is [email protected] and my name is stephanie! thank you so much…:slight_smile:


ooh, and if anyone else has awesome and different fund raising ideas…please either e-mail them to me, post it here or im them to me on my screen name >>> P1NKfreak13

I have some fundraising ideas, try having a pancake breakfast on a Saturday morning, have a 50/50 raffle, candy sales, host a tournament like a basketball game (students against teachers or students against alumnis). :smiley: I hope these ideas are useful to someone. :slight_smile:

whatever you do … don’t ever try to sell the freeze pop things…

Whoever is sending out that fundraising list, if you wouldn’t mind sending one my way that would be great! [email protected]

Why not send it [email protected] while you are at it. thanks

If this list exists… why not post it in the white papers & share with all?

If you can’t get a copy of the fundraising list from that team, Cybersonics has a page on our website with a few fundraising download pages that can be used as ideas for your own fundraisers. Along with a Basket Bingo, we also hold an annual Spaghetti Dinner, a few raffles, and solicit small businesses, as well as people, in our community with a community contribution flyer
Fundraising Downloads Page
Though we only have downloads for basket Bingo and the community contribution flyer available online at this time, our other documents may be available on request. Hope this will help you in starting a team! If you have any questions or would like any help, please feel free to contact our team through our website. Good Luck!

Jess Jank.
Cybersonics Technology Team 103

my old team used to do begthons and get more money from that than a car wash. all you do is stand outside of a local supermarket and bring your robot along and ask for money to help build another one. the most i think our team got in a day was 500. not bad…

We have been having good luck with raffling off robotic vacuum cleaners called, “Rhoomba’s”. They are made by a genuine robotics company called Irobot in the Boston area.

We just start selling raffle tickets for the rhoomba and when we have sold 500 tickets at $5.00 a piece, we go and buy the Rhoomba for $200 and draw the winning number. Then we do it again.

People have responded pretty positively to the idea. In many ways, they are making a donation to the team, but they also have 1 chance in 500 of winning the robot vacuum cleaner which really is a cool little machine.