Fundraising without a name

Our school allows us to do only one school-sponsored fundraising event each year because of certain rules, and this usually does not suffice. Has any other team encountered this problem? What are good ways to fundraise without involving the name of the school (besides recycling)?

well i have never seen this problem before but you can always get together with a group of “friends” on the weekends and do things like a bake sale, yard sale, pretty much anything else you could do as an offical fundraiser but do it as a group of “friends” in stead of a team

We have a car wash, Magic Minute on Enfield St, back in Enfield, CT when I was on Buzz that helped us out. All we had to do was stand out in front of the automatic car wash and scream and yell trying to get people to come in and get their car washed. We could of course also tell everyone we knew in the weeks before. So basicly we did very little work, and what did we get? 50% of the days earnings! It’s my favorite fundraiser yet.

Sometimes you can get away with using the team or organizations name rather then the schools, although the school can be included in with it. It might take a teacher or parent walking down to the superintendent (or whoever makes the rule) office and negotiating with them, showing them the true cost of this project.

First, speak to your school administrators to find out exactly what the rule states and why. Become informed about it so you best know how to approach changing it or working with the rule.

Do these same rules apply to other teams at your school, such as the football team or the marching band? If so, then I guess you would have to just advertise your fundraiser with your team name on it and not the school name.

Do they receive funding from the town education budget? Perhaps you can request similar funding.

If other teams in your school do multiple fundraisers, speak to your school administrators to find out why different rules apply. Come prepared to the meeting with a copy of your budget so you can show them the costs. Download a copy of the FIRST Annual Report and point out the benefits of belonging to the program.

Our high school funds “teams” such as the football team, but we are considered a “club” and are not funded.

Thank you to everyone for all your help thus far :).

We’ve talked to the dean of the school, who stated that because of the large amount of clubs available to the students, it would be unfair for any one club to do more fundraising than the other, even though robotics and another club I’m in (Model UN), have many more costs than other clubs.

I go to a private school, so I’m pretty sure that the school in general doesn’t get any funding from the town education budget.

One problem I see is that our brother school (who maintains the finances), in the past, has not accepted donations from individuals, if in fact we did do fundraising in our own names. Hopefully this year, that will be different.