Well, I am from team 940 in SD and this is our last year with our nasa grant. I was wondering if anybody had any bright ideas for fundraising. Maybe even help fund us somehow :wink: . We all want to be involved again next year, and also a lot of new people who want to participate, but because we lose our funding we don’t know if we’ll have a team next year. Please help us, give us some ideas.

As far as getting ideas goes, you’re in luck! Chief Delphi has a whole fundraising forum set up.

Hopefully you can pull some good ideas from there! :slight_smile:

We have a marketing plan we put together that allows us to get about $20K each year form corporate and small business. It is located at our web site

Any questions just send a note


Team 166 is creating a fundraising database that we’re hoping other teams will input their fundraisers into. We dont have many responses yet, but hopefully we’ll get more soon. See this thread