funniest accident while building bot

lets here it people, whats the funniest thing that has happened while working on the bot.

team 1019

funniest? I can only think of the most painful. . .
Now if you want to go into hotel room stories, thats a different matter altogether

LoL the hotel was probably the 2’nd best event during the competition:D

Well, just a few hours ago, I was helping prototype our stacker, and the stack of boxes we were testing with fell and knocked me into the mock-up robot. Let’s see… I tore a shirt, cut the area under it, I have bloody knuckles, and scratched up an area on my leg. My team though it was funny. :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we Robo Dox understand the importance of giving blood to the robot.

Yeah, one of the alumni, Dave, on my team is what I like to call the sacrificial lamb for the robot. that guy must need a blood transfusion after every season. Not too mention hes into carpentry, double whammy.

and yes, Hotel rooms are always looked forward to. I am natorious for causing havoc until 5am. WARNING, DO NOT ROOM WITH ME, WARNING

ouchie. haha yeah i know the feeling of getting like no sleep. it’s awesome thoe.

my favorite is how the team learned that programs don’t always work the first time you run them. I warned them twice to back up before i started the robot with my new program. they ignored me until the robot went into full reverse. two minor scratches,a stubbed toe, and one person got smacked in the cheek by a van door motor. they more or less listen to me now.

Connecting the receiving radio to the control system and the transmitting radio to the robot. We were really confused when the tether worked and the radio didn’t. Then we found out what happened.

Funniest thing during season…wow that’s a lot of them…way to many to list… now when it comes to the hotels… I managed to get some of my foot stuck in an air vent…long long story!! lol :yikes:

someone rested a 40W soldering iron on a pair of safety goggles once…it looked just like someone had stabbed themself in the eye haha…


saw-zalls and me are dangerous…no lets not go there…


If you want some humerous moments have a mock competition with little in the way of restrictions on movement and then wait till the last few seconds when everyone is scrambling for the top of the hill. I have never laughed so hard and been in so much pain at the same time.

last year, we didn’t build ourselves a goal like we should have, so we tried to substitute it with something that was close to the weight of the goal. our teacher went out and bought a plastic trash can, attached it to a board with caster wheels, and one of our team members hopped on in. it was the funniest sight ever. i have many incriminating photos of last year :smiley: hrm… need to prepare the camara for this year :stuck_out_tongue:

oh! i was able to get a picture of one of our members in a bin. hrm… trash cans, then bin containers, what’s next? a laundry basket? :ahh:

Does your team member fit completely inside the bin?

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**Does your team member fit completely inside the bin? **

she was able to sit in it, but getting the lid on was kinda hard. that and i don’t think she likes small inclosed spaces. ah wells… she ought to watch out in her sleep now… :stuck_out_tongue:

this isnt during build season but,

At Rutgers while everyone was unpacking, team 11 plugged somthing in and all you saw was sparks as teamin that row
such as 7 11 25 75 (and more i cant think of) all lost power, we were w/o power for a good 5 minutes it was pretty funny

Fallen Superman… 2000 season… attemting to jump then swing from the bar over to other side like i had so many times before (why didn’t I just walk under the bar? I was short enough to go under the bar without ducking then, about 4’ 11")… missed the bar… fell completely spread out on the ramp… and to top that off, it was in front of 5 girls. I’ve posted this before somewhere. If I find it, I’ll post it in place of this.

I can think of a funny, yet almost tragic event for us at SPAM. The day right before shipping for last years game, our gearbox that was sitting on the shelf firmly decided to commit suicide and jump off. :ahh: But nothing horible happend. As you might have seen in the competition. I hope that didn’t sound too pompous.