Funniest/Wierdest thing you have done while building your robot

We jogged around our school at 3 AM while pulling an all nighter to finish building a robot . We almost got yelled at by the cops because tenagers running around a high school throws off some odd impressions.

When I was in 8th grade they put a guy into one of the stack attack bozxes and threw it under the space where your fet go in a office desk. He couldnt get out for a good while.

We also went on a slurpie run at like 2 AM and they made me order the slurpis in an indian accent. The guy was like what the crap. I guess you had to be there.

no comment…


I guess that was you in th bubble wrap.

Shawn, don’t worry–others have wound up the same way.

Of course, it could always get worse… :wink:

(I guess I’m really posting this at the wrong time, since I’m supposedly getting killed in Atlanta for that one.)

Umm… For me it would be last year after one too many long work days. Any who I was sleep deprived, and I was leaving the parking lot of where we were working on the robot. Instead of the usual simple going straight out of the lot I decided that it would be cool or funny to simply back all the way out. Well by doing this i did not see the 3 foot deep ditch, and needless to say I fell right into it. Once one of the mentors pulled out my car with his truck it was plain to see the damage was quite extensive. No one on the team has let me forget about that!

But no less than a week later I was in my sisters integera doing big smokey burnouts infront of the building ( I would later go on to get a VERY big speeding ticket).

Weekend before ship week we had a weird quick ice storm, At least a inch of slush and ice on everything. Well after cleaning our cars off, Me and the 2 other people who drove that night couldn’t leave such a nice open iced over parking lot without having some fun. We all did doughnuts for about 15 min before we left.

Also i have alot of blooper footage i really want to cut together and post, just haven’t had the time :frowning:

On the Saturday before ship date we transported the bot and a bunch of tools to a members house so we could work on it that Sunday (we weren’t allowed in the school on Sunday). Then on Sunday, we were having some motor troubles and wanted to go back to the shop at school to get a spare one. We took two car loads of guys down to the school, sneaked in through a break in the fence and got to the large bay door to our shop. We all tried lifting it but we couldnt budge it. We decided to get some jacks to help us. One of the members went to his trunk to get the jack out, but ended up locking his keys in there. So all six of us piled into one small car and went to that person’s house to get a spare set of keys and too another member’s house to get some jacks and a pry bar. We got back to the school and began to work on the door again, inching it up a little at a time. In the mean time, one of the member’s father showed up and just said to give up and there was other stuff we could work on. But we were determined to get into our shop. A few minutes later we hear “COPS! ITS THE COPS!” It is the father yelling at us. We look up and see a cop car pulling into the school We drop the tools and start running, well everyone starts running except me, because I think it looks sort of stupid if you run from the cops. But all and all it was a pretty eventful and amusing day. If onyl you could have seen the face on some of the guys faces when the daw the cop car. But as it turns our, the door was locked shut for some reason and we ended p bending a plate of steel that was holding the chain. Those were some good times.

In 2003 season, we were playing around with a stablizing system for the stacked bins our robot carried using tape measure. We canablized a tape measure for the metal tape inside. Just a reminder: tape measure WANTS to unravel when its not in the plastic case. So we took it out and had it in quick-clamps. Someone gave it to me to hold it a while, because just setting it down is just asking for some to accidently nudge it just a bit for the tape measure to unravel.

Anyone who knows me knows the likely ending to this story :slight_smile:

So I, a sophomore at the time (ie. i didn’t know anything), went into the storage closet to look for something and set the tape measure down on a tool box. I started looking, turned around, bumped into the tape measure and… imagine 50 ft of tape measure unravelling in about 5 seconds and making the loudest sound possible. Anyone outside the closet didin’t even need to come inside to know what just happened.

I got tons more of these stories, tune in next time :slight_smile:

This didn’t happen this year (actually back in '03 :ahh:) but it was pretty funny…one of my very interesting mistakes.

I was sitting around with nothing to do. I had already asked if anyone needed anything, and they said no. So, I sat down to do homework and whatnot. I got yelled at, and told to do something. Joe, one of the seniors, got me to work on building the field. He told me to drill some screws in the wood, so I tried. I turned it on, and tried to drill it, but it made this loud noise, and I screamed and almost let go of the drill. Just so happened that it was in reverse. >_<; Joe fixed it and everytime I drilled the screw in the wood I would squirm and squeal a bit. I was freaked out by that thing. It didn’t like me.

Good ol’ days, being a little freshman.

This year my friend Tom (username 30goto20) was really tired durring a build session. There is a desk in our crib that meets the wall, and the wall is built in such a way so that there is a 2-foot gap between the back of the desk and the wall. Tom crawled behind the desk and napped there for about half an hour before some huge bang woke him up. I believe someone dropped a piece of extrusion on the floor. Also, we may or may not have video of him sleeping there.

This year I think the worst thing I did was set off the alarm at school trying to get a box out of Mr. Foell’s room…and then I got yelled at by the janitors, who usually rule. Thankfully they fixed the alarm system before the police came. That wouldn’t have been pretty.

And then there’s always my freshman year, when the seniors told me to find them a left-handed screwdriver…

Time for another lovely Freshie year story!
Pulls out a book of all my Weird/funny things

I think that they funniest time was when I was in the new group of building the EduBot. (Detail: Every year my team has the new people, no matter what they are doing on the team, help build this little robot called the EduBot) Well, after we got that built, we all got turns driving it, and that is when I basically tried to run everyone over with it, knocked over all the soda cans, and got deemed a crazy, but good driver. I know that this seems kinda stupid, but I got to drive that little sucker out in the hallway and up the ramp…

We wre building a display box that rotated and had a door in it to place a touch screen monitor and a computer in it. 1 of the guys told me to use the rotozip to sand down th wood so that the door would open easier. He never knew that i Hadn’t ever used a rotozip before. These things turn a lot faster than dremels.
And I was using it and it slipped and I melted our hinge pieces together and it couldn’t be opned or closed.

Then during one build session, in another robotics competition we compete in (B.E.S.T. Robotics), someone spilt some primer on our robot and it got the name Optimus primer, so they made me and 2 other kids ( all 3 of us freshmen) coat avery piece of PVC with primer completely and we had to turn a fan on to blow the smell away. Naturally bing stupid freshmen last year, we stood infront of the robot and fan cousing all the primer to go to us basically getting us high.

Well…there was that one time the engineers had razor scooter races in the main hallway of our commons at 4:00 AM… (that was last year though…)

this year a security guard yelled at us for riding around on skateboards upstairs…turns out it was our teacher who was riding his skateboard to his room to get something :smiley:

that’s all I can think of right now…

My days of being a freshman includ my mentor telling me to drill a screw flush, so i did. but it got out of hand and I had the screw sitting 1.5" flush into the wood. Now anytime something is too far in flush, they say that a SAntosh was pulled.

This year (sophmore year) I have set the record this year on my team for breaking 5 titanium drill bits. None of this on purpose. So I have vowed to never use titanium drill bits ever. My club does a lot of wierd stuff.

haha, to many stories for this topic

—broke a huge titanium drill bit on PVC.
—broke about 3 more after that
— was asked to cut a ½ wide and 2 inch long slot, ended up making a 2x2 box

one of our team members broke a HUGE, I MEAN UGE milling bit

One night we slept over at school pulling a all nighter, it happened to be the coldest night of the year (about 20 F). Being us we forgot the school had heating and we all gathered around a spot light to sleep near :confused: :confused:

Speaking of breaking drill bits…I broke one on wood last year…I have it in my room =)

This year, my team moved to a MEDAL workshop (Our team had worked in a wood shop), so there were alot of new “toys” to play with. Well, the first time we worked in there, I got to use this one BIG machine first, and James (a guy on my team) didn’t tighten the clamp on it enough, so the long piece of aluminum about 1 foot out of the 10 feet of it jolted out at me. It came close to me, and I almost peed my pants. After the shock wore off, we were all laughing soo hard. I heard that the look on my face when it happened was priceless. :ahh:

Ofcourse cutting your thumb off is much btter than breaking drill bits right? lol

The big 1 inch mill bit was broken when somone ran a program on the mill without turning on the part that makes the bit spin.

I don’t really remember the 2X2 box though. What was that one?

haha, something always get thrown out from BIG machines :ahh:

While testing our bot we capped a ten foot basketball net. Then we were just messing around and tried to see if we could lift up the Goal that we had made. Of course we did.