Funny comment about a banner ad on CD

Since I’m on CD so often, I have seen pretty much every banner ad that is on here toting our wonderful sponsors. I never thought anything of any of them, other than they are ads, and sometimes make a cool claim, and what not… I guess I’m just so swamped with banner ads everywhere I go now, that I don’t really pay attention to what they even say anymore.

So… one night got this image in a link on AIM.

My reaction was, “Oh, ok… another banner ad… no biggie… so what’s so special about it?”

And then the person who sent it to me made the funniest comment I have ever heard about a banner ad.

“So, is that a money back guarantee?”

I found it funny, and some may find it offensive or not in the spirit of GP, but I just wanted to share a rather funny story today, and by the way my reply to the comnment was “Uh… I don’t think so. lol”.

Good times. The comment was never to be taken seriously, but being a natural social commentator, I can see how things like this can raise these questions. :rolleyes:

So… anyone have any thoughts on this ad, or any in general you have seen which have been pretty funny?

Funny, I just noticed that. I have banner ads turned off, but I glanced at someone else’s screen and saw it.

So, how many teams using the IFI wheels have won regionals this year? Talk about abstract stats.

Yes, I laugh every time I see that ad… which is probably three or four times a day.

Well… 648 were finalists at MWR and we use the 4 inchers… close enough, eh?

We won and we made our own wheels, however we did buy a bunch of giant aluminum sprockets from them which made a lot of people give wierd looks at our robot.

(emphasis mine)

Seeing as ChiefDelphi is attempting to pay for itself with these banner ads, and they are relatively unobtrusive, I have added ChiefDelphi to my ad-blocker’s whitelist. I ask you to do the same. Who knows, there might be something interesting there.


It’s the Finalist Award.

I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and must admit that I thing it’s wrong to send this message of winning at all costs. They should know this, since I already emailed IFI a long time ago about it, so they can’t say nobody complained.

Actually, only the EI and Chairman’s are gold. That’s the Champions trophy, the finalist’s FIRST logo is much smaller.
Funny ad, I really enjoyed it.

Maybe they are just saying “Hey if you use our stuff, you will have more time to spend on other things! and that can make you win!”

…maybe…I don’t think it is the right message, but I think this thread shows that you can interpret the message many ways. But anyways I don’t see what the big deal about the message is. I mean yea, hahaha, the OP point was funny, but…I mean aren’t we all smart enough to know that you can’t buy your way to a trophy.


… or that you can buy your way to a trophy. I agree, wrong message.

They are just saying their products will help you do very well in competition, how is this wrong? It is an advertisement after all, so this shouldn’t be shocking to anybody.

(for the record, we used IFI wheels and a large ifi mechanism sprocket on our robot this year and managed to get a finalist trophy… coincidence? probably)

Here we go again

.: Grabs bag of popcorn and chair:.

Hey, this is getting off track. Just post if you know of a team who has won a regional using IFI wheels.

Just for the record, if you donate money to the site, they get turned off. That is why I do not see them.

Every time one of the food ads came up during build season, I had this sudden craving for whatever food came up. Especially the Thai one. Bear in mind that I’ve eaten Thai maybe… once. I think.

That’s what you get for living off Ramen, Gatorade and the occasional Chef Boyardee during build season.

See? I told you FIRST prepares you for college…:rolleyes:

I didn’t know you could do that! I just donated… It’s so weird NOT having the banners there… I kinda liked them there. I guess I’ll get used to it…


Team 1114 uses six 4" by 2" wide IFI traction wheels, and they won Waterloo.