Funny descriptions of FIRST games.

Reading descriptions of the game by people who are not involved with FIRST is really funny sometimes.

Like this description of the 2005 game in a local newspaper…

“The students’ creations zipped back and forth in a rink, picking up television-sized tetrahedrons and stacking them while jousting with one another.”

Does anyone else have any?:slight_smile:

remember rees reading that on the plane

when organizing the Israeli 2007 off season event, i was interviewed to a radio show, who described rack and roll as “Robots who work in fixing flat tiers”

I described Rack n Roll as 'Connect Four gone Wild" once.

I described 2008’s game as a cross between NASCAR and bumper pool.

A friend of mine who hadn’t attended an FRC event insisted on calling it a conference (much to my irritation). In hopes of getting her to lay off, I linked her to the TBA video of QF 4.1 of IRI 2008 (for my money, the single best match of the year), after which she described it as, I quote, “a bouncy ballathon”.

I know how you feel, I know a few people who commonly refer to it as “the convention”:rolleyes:

That was my favorite match of the year as well. I remember when our driver was rounding the corner to line it up and I just yelled “Spear it!”. I thought all three of us were going to die laughing after the bot fell over after the buzzer. I love IRI.

I like Semi 1 Match 2 a little bit more. :wink:

I always found 2007 a hilarious game to describe.

“It’s sorta like playing tic-tac-toe on a hat rack… with innertubes.”

Just got a new one from our local paper about this year’s game…

“which combination of conveyor belt, combine and auger would best enable the robot they’re designing to aim balls at enemies on a field designed to imitate the moon’s gravity.”

They make it sound like we’re shooting Evil Moon Creatures.:rolleyes:

I would describe last year’s game as simply ‘epic’. :smiley:

Of course, the first description I got from my dad was something about hockey meets basketball. Might not be far from the truth, actually.

“Imagine playing basketball on an ice rink, except the baskets on the player’s backs.”

I say Lunacy is a combination of Bumper Cars, Air Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, and those ball pits at fast food restaurants!:stuck_out_tongue:

Overdrive? Imagine NASCAR, with balls!