Funny Iraq War Article.

Warning - Don’t go to this site if you have no sense of humor or take the Iraqi war very seriously.

Really funny stuff.

Lets drop some pennies :smiley:

Umm … I believe the armor nescasary to protect yourself against pennies is a little cheaper than the armor required to protect yourself against bombs or bullets.

Also …

Not only will we have won the war, but we don’t even have to worry about paying war reparations

Normally, the loser of the war pays reparations, so I don’t really understand this point.

But, all in all, the picture made it worth the read :slight_smile:

Maddox is great… but you have to approach his stuff with an open mind. Just look at it as humor, and don’t read into it too much, and you’ll be fine.

That reminded me of the time we had that joke about dropping the bucket of pennies off of the Effile Tower at PKD… :wink: