funny memory from the 2006 championship

does anyone remember the collective gasps when they showed the color changing light last year. it was too funny, the whole stadium basically said “oh crap all at the same time”:slight_smile:

O man that was a good trick…i remember standing next to our programer going “we might have a problem”…haha i was definitally relieved when i heard it was a joke.

i wasnt releived… i had spent the summer trying to figure it out

I wasn’t overtly concerned… we weren’t in the final, and surely kevin’s default code for this year would’ve helped with it. :slight_smile:

I wonder why they decided not to do it?

Or maybe… They never were going to do it!:ahh: :smiley: muhahhaha!

i know those FIRST guys are crafty like that. lol they really know how to pull a prank though. it was probably bitter-sweet revenge for all the mentors on that trip, cause i know they had their fair share of pranks pulled on them.

It was a great prank…unless you use dead reckoning!:wink:

I knew it was a joke right from the beginning and so did everyone else who attended the 2006 West Michigan Regional. Dave Verbrugge was the mc there and during opening ceremonies he said something about it, but it was april fools day. I do have to admit he had me going the first time I heard it.:slight_smile: Then he started to say it at the championships and I was like yeah I’ve heard this one before.:slight_smile:

we did do it, quite simple. only prob with the other colors is that theyre everywhere in the competition. the green is the only good en.

I think everyone thought that it was going to be used this year, I know many teams bought all the colors and everything. Dave needs to be careful about what he says.

People need to be careful when listening to Dave - Lavery or VerBrugge. Neither one gives true hints! :smiley:

yeah i was on the field and me and my good friend(pit lead and electrical lead) looked at each other and then started looking for our software guy to see if we could still do it.