Funny Moments at VCU!

With the NASA Langley/VCU Regionals now over with . . . It’s now time to discuss those silly moments that make it seem oh-so very cool! With this being my FIRST year, there were lots of crazy things going on.

  • Staining the hotel tub with blue hair dye. Ooops? On Wednesday night, when Gimpy and I got to our hotel we decided to dye our hair with the blue dye we bought. Well, it ended up that we got more dye on the tub then my hair and it didn’t show up so well either.

  • Dancing on the ramp in closing ceremonies on Saturday! That was SO much fun!! Hehehe. I was the really short girl in the front center. The MC put his hat on me and I was just dancing away. Go Robodogs!

Those are just a few things to get this thread going! So please, post your random wacky moments that will remain special to you!

i didnt go to VCU, but I can relate to the blue hair dye. Last year in Nats, the maid must have had a collection of at least 10 blue towels and washclothes because of all the people using my Blue hair glue

I dont know about you’ll, but it was just humors to me.

I also liked it when Dean tried to ride one of 122’s Segways. :smiley:

A couple things I learned at VCU…

  1. Yelling “Woo-wee” and “Yippidee-doo” randomly just makes you more hoarse.

  2. Green hair-spray makes my hair feel really weird.

  3. I don’t know how to dance.

  4. Singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the way home only makes your voice more hoarse after randomly screaming “Woo-wee” and “Yippidee-doo”.

  5. You can’t go 2 steps without bumping into someone in the pit.


  1. (In the best PA announcer voice) Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the pit!

By the way, that was a nice hat :smiley:

yeah i would have to say that the blue hair dye was great. that and hearing a certain someone yelling whoopdeedo randomly…oh and singing my brother happy birthday via cell phone. oh how we love our former members.
lets see what else…well…there was amber…
the list could go on…dancing, ice fights, the small van is cooler, and the ded sexy OI…you all know that you loved that OI.
anyways…see 435 at school…and the rest of you at nationals.

Hehe. I totally forgot to mention this. I’m an official geek, crowned by our teacher advisor, Ms. Kellogg.

At 3:00 am on Friday morning, I woke up the other 3 girls in our room. I had been talking in my sleep saying “I have to fix the robot but the robot isn’t here” or something like that. I have no memory of it but they all swear to it. Hehe. Now the entire team and the people reading this thread know I’m crazy! Wheee. :slight_smile:

not just talking, Ms. Kellogg said you also walked around in a circle on your bed

yeah imagine waking up to that at 3am…but i have to say on thursday morning when k’s alarm went off and i reached to turn it off and instead grabbed ostrich’s face, well, that was pretty funny.
and being reminded once again that im a hippie.
oh, and after saying i hope i dont hear any bad pickup lines, seltzman says…‘well let me be the first…at absolute zero you would still move me’. then following the competition sending an email full of them…not including brian’s ‘ya know, they say virginia is for lovers’.
but anyways…it was great…and remember…its all fun and games until someone loses an eye. wanna join the club? (ok so thats a really bad inside joke).

its all good guys - brian and I and possibly kenan or seltzman will be tryin out some of those smooth lines at nationals if the opportunity presents itself - and oh how much fun it will be.

ahhh - good times -

and yes - I, 435’s human player was the guy who ran up the ramp after dropping the “DENNIS” signs and did the “hold your head and knee and spin around dance thing” (if its got a name - someone help me out here) - my secret move - yes - i am the man!!

Glen dancing in the bulldog suit definitely lifted my spirits several times after we lost a round - there was no way you could look at him and not laugh - hes crazy - but thats why we love him.

and yes - I too loved the Queen Sing-Along hour on the ride home - esp since seltzman knows all the words to one of the lesser known songs - that guy honestly cracks me up

then seltzmans ANCIENT compaq lap top in the van on the way home - 25Mhz processor and 4Mb ram and running Windows 3.1 - that was the most fun ive had on a computer in a long time - COMANDER KEEN WILL LIVE ON!!

great fun - nats can only get better!!

*Originally posted by CaptMatt15 *
**and yes - I, 435’s human player was the guy who ran up the ramp after dropping the “DENNIS” signs and did the “hold your head and knee and spin around dance thing” (if its got a name - someone help me out here) - my secret move - yes - i am the man!!


Well I dont know what its called but I’m sure someone from the Techno Ticks could teel you what they call it, During BAE I saw them do that dance so much!

When the NASA guy in the astronaut flight suit tripped over the edge of the field and fell on his face when he ran out to make his speech

“I guess someone will win a bet tonight”- Dave Lavery

HAHA yea… but one quote i remembered was “can it do the macarena too??” (refering to sparky) and then sparky going nuts on top of the ramp dancing and making circles/donuts