Funny Pit Announcements 2008

Since the other one was revived, and I’m sure there are new ones, it is time to create another thread for the current season.

And before it gets posted, I’m sure the Flux Capacitator was announced at almost every regional last year. :rolleyes:


Last year when our robot was pretty much nonfunctional we requested “1072 would like six weeks back” and “1072 needs a new robot” :frowning:

“we need a new metric screwdriver, ours snapped” lol

Left-handed screwdriver

At the NASA/VCU regional some team asked for a ROFLCOPTER

then they were caled back to the pit admin desk because a team had a ROFLCOPTER for them

I remember there were a few other uny requests , but I cannot remember them

“Team 217 would like to request some canned air”
strange looks no we wouldn’t…
“Disregard that, folks”
830 calls over
“On second thought, team 830 would like to request some canned air. You know what, anybody got some canned air we could borrow?”

It was during the New Jersey Regional this year, pits were closing and I was hanging out with some friends on 1923.

“Team 1923 is looking for some Exploding Bacon…if anyone has some, Team 1923 needs some Exploding Bacon”

We came up with a whole 20-something-item list this year, though most of them certainly won’t be used. Here and there.

This isn’t a bogus part, but I remember announcing “Attention in the pits, have I got a deal for you! For a limited time only, the inspection area is offering FREE quick and partial inspections!” or something along those lines as if it were a commercial. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m normally better at improv, so if I’m doing any announcing next year, expect some more announcements along those lines.

And then there’s the Companion Cube…I guess the cake IS a lie. :wink:

At the end of the day when people weren’t leaving the pits,
“The pits will be closing in 5 minutes. The pits will be closing in FIVE MINUTES. If you are not out of the building in five minutes, the PIT BULLS will be released!” It got their attention.

And at my FTC tournament, halfway through the afternoon I announced that all robots would need to undergo inspection again. That also got their attention! :slight_smile: