Funny Pit Announcments 2006

We were thinking of making an announcment “Team 696 is looking for a shoulder to cry on” or “Team XXX has lost their gracious professionalism, if anyone has found Team XXX’s gracious professionalism, please return it to them immediately” Of course we were only joking and would never do such a thing. Funny to think about though.

We made the announcement “Team 696 needs rubbing alcohol” and it would have been funny if they left out the “rubbing” part.

What ones have you actually heard and what ones have you thought about?

Thought about or attempted: “Team 330 is in need of a flux capacitor.” “Team 330 would like a brass magnet.” “Team 330 wants some aluminum PVC.”

Heard (Thursday afternoon or evening, LA):“Team 1622 has passed inspection.”

I did like the way you got everybody out at closing: “Team XXX has left the arena, you should follow them” instead of the traditional “GET OUT. I’M NOT JOKING. GET OUT NOW!” :smiley:

Team 108 has made it a tradition to ask for a flux capacitor the past few years. Team 45 was kind enough to make one for us at Midwest last year (Thanks again guys lol).

You missed the last one: “If you can still hear this, please leave now.” After the last team was pretty much out the door.

(For those who don’t know the background, Pit Admin left early Thursday and Friday, leaving the Spare Parts crew to man the mike and admin station. I was volunteering in Spare Parts and took over the job of pit announcer.)

Heard at buckeye on thursday about an hour before closing time:

“The pits will be closing at 6:45 and all teams must leave by then”
:General groan and shouts of “WHAT?!” thoughout the pits
“Correction, the pits will be closing at 7pm”

I recall a team asking for a wire stretcher at Peachtree on Saturday. Forgot the number, though.

It’s been 573 tradition to ask for either a uranium rod or (if the robot has broken down) a functional robot :stuck_out_tongue:

At the St. Louis Regional, a member of 1625 asked for an improbability drive, this was responded to by a few scrap parts tied together.

almost every year, first thing thursday morning, some team is asking to borrow a hacksaw

to get the pad lock off their tool box.

We should make a lock-smith award for these teams.

Its funny because it always seems to happen, esp at the championship.

I’ve wanted for the longest time to ask one of our rookie members to ask for a left handed screwdriver. (Un)fortunately, all of them were smart enough to see past that…


237 asked for a right handed bit shifter at Chesapeake =p

I didn’t hear any too amusing ones this year, but last year at SBPLI, the announcer kept going “Testing… Testing… This is my voice. This is the sound of my voice. This is my real voice.” :stuck_out_tongue: Got annoying after a while but still funny.

We thought about asking the announcer at Wisconsin to say “Team 862 is in need of an A, could everybody give them an A.”

Relating to our “Give Me An A” cheer.

an aluminum magnet…
3/8 uranium rod

in auto, we always get the new kids with
piston return spring
muffler bearing
ignition sprocket
halogen headlight fluid
metric cresest wrench

Personal favorites:

-Testing, testing… (3 of my team members) IT’S WORKING!
-Team 1504 would like to remind you to wear your safety glasses while in the pits (they WERE listening to me all through build season!)

Here’s a good one, “Does anyone have any elbow grease?” or “Does anyone have any headlight fluid?”

Milwalkie regional

“the pits will be closing to 8 minutes, the dogs will be released in 6 mins”

St. Louis

“team 1625 needs an improbability drive”

thought about doing this one.

“team 1625 has lost there marbles are need other teams to help look for them”

“Ahhh!!! all these kids are driving me nuts! god! there all a bunch of nerds! I just want to kick them all in the…Whoops! the microphone is on!”

I’ve always wanted to ask for a positronic brain. It would make the autonomous so much easier. :]

1511 asked for a flux capacitor

The strangest legitimate request was a tooth brush in botson. Even stranger was when I got there to give them ours there were atleast 6 other teams already there (Team 75 gave out care packages including Tooth Brushes.)