Funny subsystem names

I’ve seen some funny subsystem nicknames around. Do you have any notable/
comical names that stand out?

For example, we call our manipulator the “McFliplipulator” (spelling varies) or our shooter last year being called the “Outtake”.

Last year it was called the pooper was it not @Michael_Corsetto ?


Our current FTC robot’s subsystems are: liftinator, grabinator, and flipinator.


Last year at the end of kickoff we were making some design decisions, and I said that I wasn’t a fan of calling the throat mechanism a throat for the 3rd year in a row, it just sounds weird IMO, and people agreed, so we brainstormed.

Our final name for it is now the “Scotty” because it beams the balls up to a shooter.

Bouns: Now all of our rookies from that year think that’s what all teams call that sort of mechanism. I don’t have the heart to tell them.


We keep our robot code named nicely, but my favorite prototyping subsystem names are (in no specific order):

theRizzler (arm)
mentorKneecapper (drive train)
speeeeeen (flywheel-based shooter)
stalker (vision)
Bob (???)


The 2009 ball lift was called Scotty too!

2102’s original 2020 control panel mechanism was called the “snoot” and then the updated one was called the “snot” because it was “not snoot”. I wanted to make a next gen called the “snisn’t” but the kids didn’t find it as funny as I did.

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Y’all poopin?


A few years ago we named our combination ball intake and internal ball transport the BallomaticSubsystem, later shortened to just the Ballomatic.

it is now!

we have a tendency to name things after bodyparts… tongues, feet, spines, etc.


Someone’s a fan of phineas and ferb :joy:

Got one from last year, named the intake/outtake after the poltergust 3000. Couldn’t catch ghost’s unfortunately


I’m scoopin’ what you’re poopin’.

At least I hope it’s what you’re poopin. Otherwise it’s some random stuff that I don’t know where it’s from.

RE: OP - I present from 2020. Convenient misspelling or intrusive branding into software? You, my dear reader, are the judge.


Our 2011 minibot was nicknamed “the kraken” and the method in the code was called “releaseTheKraken”


TorBot’s 2020 climber was called The Shwingster. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

This year we have the intake, conveyor, claw, arm, and shenanigan.

Our minibot back in the day was called “Candi” with a heart over the i, which I failed to forbid but at least managed to keep them from telling our sponsors.


the funniest one we have is called “televator”

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While not a Subsystem, the programming team has called our testing robot “Gregory”, our Beelink “Greggy”, and our ZebraSwitch “Greg”. This is then all been watched over by a plastic baby we have called The WiFi Baby because everytime we bring it near a laptop WiFi increases.

We have nicknamed this entire system as Greg³


we have a single swerve module named “Bort”

the others have names but they’re all much more normal than bort (ex. Front Left, Back Right, etc.)


We have a naming convention where we have servers ending with -er at a lower level and then stacking -ing systems on top of them. So like shooter, and shooting. This year we have eleveter and fourber which I think are pretty good.


we have had
seppuku - piston stabbing the robot to stop balls from going, very jank
garggler- was our intake
and we have a super structure named supakoopa
our photonvision pipeline is also “shoutouttomystove”