Funny things that happen during build season

Hey teams I was wondering the best and most funny things that has happened during build season

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This thread is gunna be full of inside jokes that no one else will understand.


I Have been working on a auto that detects the white guild lines on the floor with a camera. When I was demonstrating it to my mentor the robot spotted the the white on the bottom of his sneakers instead of the floor and drove straight into him.


you right

When our programming subteam asked for a finished robot week 5 so they can actually have time to test code during build and not between every match at comps

or when someone on our team said mecanum drive was considered a viable option this year over tank

I was running the cnc, that advertises a (one in 10 million mechanical failure rate) on cuts and the cnc decided it wants to go for a quick jump… reran G code and everything worked fine.