Funny Video: Use of pump

The pump might be ver sefull as you can ssee here =]

What is powering the vacuum?

wow… I didnt think that it was going to even be moderatly effective… Good you guys showed me different! :eek:

The pump kit includes the pump, a cable and a specail part which chanes air pressure into vaccume.
You connect between the pump and a cyilnder whichi is connected to the Air compressor.
here’a a pic of that
Takes it bout 2 seconds to have enough ressure to lift rings…
Only problem is that it is much heavier then a motor so we wont use it…

WE ahve alread decided that we are gonna be able to pick 2 bots up with a little ramp of about one degree… one ramp at each side of the bot

and plus an arm which will make us be calss 1 or to, havent decided yet…

That was one of the first things that we did when we broke our kit open. I was suprised by how much power the tiny thing had!

wow, that is really strong. we were throwing that idea around initially, but had written it off. I’m sure we’ll consider it again once we’ve experimented more with it.


We came up with realtively the same results, but the issue was mainly when we tried to turn the object we were picking up. The turn causes the cup to break suction a lot easier when it is hit, so we are probably not going to go with the cup…:frowning:

A neat solution is simply having 2 pumps attached to each other.
It will give you 2 points of possesion with the ring instead of one, and then u can wasily roatet it… and, it wont take more power from the compressor as it already has 2 exits =]

2 suction cups sounds like an awesome idea. perhaps a rotating end effector.

Yah, I was wondering if more than one vacume converter and or cup was allowed… but I haven’t looked yet either.

And I gather that the vacume converter requires an airtank upstream? I wonder why!

I don’t think this set up would be allowed in competition since it wouldn’t be at 60psi. We set up the vacuum and it is powerful but it pretty much requires the compressor to be running constantly. It doesn’t always pick rings up on the seams. Also keep in mind that while it is very strong, the suction is broken if you touch the area near it. This might be a problem if a defending robots hits the tube or if you miss align and hit part of the spider legs.

hahah wow it is strong were still on our mock up phase and havent tinkered with any parts yet but haha vid 2 was funny

Are all the parts needed to rig this up in the KOP?

Yes. You have a venturi pump, a suction cup, 4 mm tubing, a compressor, 2 clippard tanks, all the pneumatic gauges and regulators and switches, and the fittings for the 4 mm tubes and the suction cup.

2 points of contact should significantly help with rotating.

The optimal pressure according to the piab site is 26 psig. This is well under the 60 psig max. The limit of 4 clippard tanks (at 120 psig) should be able to sufficiently power the vacuum device. Higher pressures are actually detrimental to the suction and it relies mostly on the air speed through the venturi type nozzle.

If a constant running compressor (vacuum generators can be air intensive) are a concern, vacuums can be constucted with KOP motors (which in a vacuum actually draw less amps).