Further Pre-Kickoff Q&A?

I don’t usually read the email blasts too closely, but something stuck out to me in the latest one that I don’t think has been in a blog post yet:

Q&A Opening: On Friday, November 8 at noon ET, the official Q&A will open for questions specifically related to the Pre-Kickoff Rules which will be available after opening via the Game Manual tab on the Q&A dashboard. Team Authorization Codes for the Q&A will be sent via email to all lead mentors 1 and 2 prior to noon ET on Friday, November 8. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to firstroboticscompetition@firstinspires.org.

I wonder if this will be for the already released rules related to no bag and cost accounting, or if they plan on releasing some more…

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They have also released the list of legal motors and controllers and MXP devices:

Saw this, and thought it’s a great opportunity for questions like “Would any replacement shaft for the Falcon 500, purchased from any vendor or made by the team, be legal?”


The Blog post is out; recommend taking this discussion there.

Closing this thread; please continue any discussion in the post referenced above.

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