Posted by Jennifer at 2/17/2001 2:17 PM EST

Student on team #481, DART, from De Anza High School and KPCB.

does anyone know where can we buy fuses for the robot control?

Posted by EddieMcD at 03/09/2001 6:36 PM EST

Student on team #121, Islanders, from Middletown High School and NUWC.

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Posted by mike oleary on 03/09/2001 4:19 PM EST:

/me sticks toung out at mike.

How about The Robots?

-Ed “I wanna be a robot” McDonnell

Posted by Jared at 03/09/2001 6:50 PM EST

Student on team #312, Heatwave, from Lakewood High and Baxter.

Well, as far as I could see, the match scores at VCU are not very high. The first place team, #343 Metal In Motion (1st @ KSC), has an average of 155 pts! That is very low seeming as how at KSC that was like maybe 8th place. The Hight Score at VCU is only 177 pts!! Check out the site below which is covering it for more up to date info. If you have any info on the other comps going on now, please post it. Thanx

-= JARED =-



Posted by Patrick Dingle at 03/09/2001 6:58 PM EST

Coach on team #639, Red B^2, from Ithaca High School and Cornell University.

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Posted by Thomas A. Frank on 03/09/2001 4:53 PM EST:

Yes, it is clearly me who you meant to address the message to. Until today, I was unaware that chains and sprockets had been on the additional hardware list… And as i’ve mentioned before, I see no reason why they shouldn’t. All I’m saying, is thank you to Small Parts for the discount they are providing, because it did help out our team.


: : All I’m saying… for us, it is a LOT cheaper to purchase sprockets through SPI when they charge ONLY SHIPPING for them then when we purchase them through another catalog such as mcmaster carr.

: Jason;

: Assuming SPI has a size that mets your needs, and assuming it is in stock, you are probably right when looked at in a narrow way, but while I can see what you are saying, I think you might be missing the bigger picture.

: Under last years rules, you could have gone over to your local bicycle shop and asked them to donate 20 feet of chain and some sprockets. I guarantee you would have gotten them (probably used, but who cares?), and they would really have been free (ignoring the thank you letters 34 cents postage).

: I don’t have any problem with SPI doing this, and making money at it. That’s how our economic system is supposed to wrok. But with the freedom to engage in such a business, there exists a responsibility that requires that you be able to provide the goods/services required in a timely and cost effective manner. SPI is not always very good at this. Thus I think that FIRST needs to continue loosening the construction rules to make it easier for teams to utilize whatever they have on hand to build the machine.

: It is hard enough getting volunteers to do this without annoying those who do give of their time with absurd rules that do not accomplish anything positive.

: Everybody has access to a “junk bin” of some sort or other. The standard refrain I heard was “why can’t we just use this (fill in the blank) which is just sitting hear”. 'Cause that’s the rules (grumble, grumble).

: Makes it tough to get people to volunteer for next year…

: Tom Frank

Posted by Lloyd Burns at 2/18/2001 9:20 AM EST

Engineer on team #188, Woburn Robotics, from Woburn Collegiate and TorDistSchoolBrd, ScotiaBank. OntPwrGen, Enbridge.

Posted by Jennifer on 2/17/2001 2:17 PM EST:

: does anyone know where can we buy fuses for the robot control?

I bought a batch a while back from DigiKey(.com), and with ordinary Courier delivery I got them in two days (I know - even sudden delivery will be just too late, now).