Fusion 360 collisions issue

Running into random collisions in CAM between accounts on folders even with the same preferences has anyone ran into this before? It’s prohibiting us from machining using multiple accounts because of these collisions. Any help would be appreciated from team 3512

I teach at a career center and have no problems. Are you sure everybody is using the same tool set? Post?

Perhaps you can share a file or two that is experiencing the problems.

P. Ry

Hey Tim,

Could you post an image of your collision problem? Are you running into collision problems with the tool or the tool holder? Are you using a cloud tool library or are you using a local one on each users device? Also are you setup through teams or through individuals sharing documents to each other. My team was running into massive problems when doing that that may be what you’re having.



We are using cloud tool library. and we are using a folder I made for the team that I shared with everyone. and I don’t know how to reply and show any photos or videos, and terribly sorry or the delayed response Chief Delfi didn’t give me any emails or notification of your response. But I do have a link to the public part to check out thanks for any help in advance will be checking from now on for any responses.

I do belive everyone is using the sames set and posts, but the errors are also on parts I’ve soly made in the team folder that others haven’t accessed yet, but hers a link to a file that has been having these random collisions, also the more I run it the less times it has the error so i’m at a loss.

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