Fusion 360 Educational Access issues

I haven’t been able to get educational access to Fusion 360.

This seems to be a recurring issue every year.

I’ve tried to email @inventor_phild but haven’t gotten any response

Basically, here’s my situation -
I’m not a school employee, so I don’t have a badge or paperwork. There’s nothing I can upload to prove that I volunteer that Autodesk will accept. I’ve tried the team roster (with my name) and they denied it.

I use my old university email since I started the team when I was at my university. I also have a personal email that has also expired

It used to be so easy to get an educational license, now it’s incredibly hard.

What can I do? Ive emailed @inventor_phild twice within the past 3 months. Does he even work for Autodesk anymore? Is there a new contact or a FIRST representative?

Thanks in advance. We have some projects we need to use Fusion for and this is holding us up

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I am also a mentor who isn’t a school employee. I had my students register their own accounts using school credentials. From what I understand they only needed school information, their name, and photo of school id to validate that they were in attendance.

Would that be an option for you?

This would not be an immediate fix… Contact First and ask them to ask Autodesk for what is acceptable documentation for non school mentors since it is officially part of Autodesk’s sponsorship of first.

I use my robotics email for my account which has worked without issue so far with me. But my account was established before they went to third party verification.


The OP’s issue is not with registering the students on his team, but with registering himself. @FSM_CatherineZende, have you attempted to register yourself for an Autodesk educational account? From what I read on CD, some mentors who are not employed by an educational institution have had success registering and some have been rejected. I think there are also cases where a mentor who had an educational account, but was never employed by an educational institution cannot renew that educational account when Autodesk requires renewal.

I am one of the lucky mentors not employed by a school who got an Autodesk educational account when it was apparently a much easier process and that account is still working. I dread the day that I try to launch Fusion 360 and I find that my education account is locked out with no way to renew. If this were to happen during build season, it would be a huge disruption. It seems like it may only be a matter of time given Autodesk’s current policies.


We’re switching to OnShape over this year so hopefully these issues will be behind us. While I’ve never done it and don’t have a need but I suspect photoshop can create a ID Adobe will accept based on scanning someone else’s.

Unfortunately, RIP @inventor_phild. I don’t know who the new contact/rep is–they’ve got massive shoes to fill.

I suggest going through the Team Advocate at HQ–the message they need to pass along is that team members/mentors don’t all have school IDs so Autodesk needs to find a way to allow mentors associated with the teams using their products to log in, or they’ll see a mass exodus.


Does anyone know how to/who to contact at Autodesk?

Register as a FIRST mentor. And easier to make a new email than try to transfer if you pre existing had a fusion account otherwise you’ll be on the phone with tech support for a while

We just use a letter from the school on official letterhead. It’s not even signed by anyone at the school. In our case it’s usually signed by one of the head coaches of the team (myself usually).

Shoot me a pm if you want me to send you a example of what we send in.

I ended up reaching out to Autodesk’s education support on their site. It took them 9 days to reply saying that they needed to reset my education account to switch me from student to mentor and ask for permission, then another 10 days to reset my account. Once they did though, I was able to login and sign up again as a design competition mentor without any sort of verification. I did end up having to uninstall all Autodesk products from my computer and reinstall for it to correctly license…

It’s pretty clear that Autodesk’s education support is bottom of the priority list which is pretty disappointing for me and yet another pro for moving to OnShape…