Fusion 360 now works on Chromebooks

Not sure if anybody has posted this yet, but I didn’t see it. It looks like it might only be for members of the education community, but that works great for us.


EDIT: I now see this was announced in the Virtual Kickoff Kit, but this thread could be used to discuss it.


Hopefully they are porting it over to be online like OnShape

I really hate installing Fusion 360…

Onshape is like the google docs of cad


And Fusion is whatever garbage Microsoft pretends is like google docs now!

Slightly more features, but it makes you kind of depressed to have to use.


Bold of you to assume that this is not every CAD software.


Easy on Fusion360, it is great for CAM operations.


Yeah it’s weird that you can use that piece of CAM software to do CAD as well.


It’s worth noting that you don’t need a Chromebook for this to work. If you install a user agent switching extension in your browser, you can get it to load in any browser if you set the string to Chrome OS’s. One restriction I noticed is that downloading parts onto your computer doesn’t seem to be possible, which might be a minor setback for 3D printing if you have a remote slicer set up. (You can, however, break out of the sandbox using the save dialog and then open Firefox and upload it to Google Drive if you wanted)


Yep, completely online for ChromeOS users. Didn’t have to install a thing.

I love OnShape, and have used it exclusively for teaching CAD to high schoolers (they all have Chromebooks). Autodesk being able to run in a browser on ChromOS is a clear response to the growing number of OnShape fans, especially in schools.

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I’m exploring this and very interested to see if I can integrate this into our workflow (all students have Chromebooks, we CAD in OnShape and CAM in Fusion 360 - the CAM process can be a bottleneck for us as we currently only have it on a few Windows machines.

Question: has anyone figured out how to upload tool libraries and templates so they are accessible from the Chromebook and to all team members?

Also, for post process the configuration file is looking for the files on the C drive - can this be cloud based? I’ll probably post this on the Fusion forums but if other people have figured it out here, great!

@Ian_McTavish I would think you could enable cloud tool libraries and it would just be tied to the Autodesk account that’s signed in. It’s an option in the preferences.

Idk if its just me, but this is my reaction every time I use Fusion360


This is awesome… Just got it working with a user agent. I didn’t even know that was a thing. So so cool!


From what I understand, OnShape is eating Audodesk alive when it comes to CAD instruction in the era of Covid, with lots of school switching to OnShape for seamless switching between in-person/hybrid and remote instruction. I presume that Autodesk is going to try to stop the bleeding.

…now if only OnShape had a decent thread tool like Inventor…

I’ve always said its a race to see if Onshape can become Fusion360 before Fusion360 becomes Onshape.

and so far Onshape looks to be winning.

and for your thread tool, have you checked out this FeatureScript?


Sweet, thanks!

So I finally got around to playing with this, and there’s certainly an element of “I don’t know what I don’t know” to the following:

I can open the thread creator and create both fully and partially threaded rods or holes in the thread creator…but I have no idea how to go from that to doing so on the parts I’m actually drawing. There’s clearly a step I’m missing, and I don’t have the slightest idea what it is.

Any help you could offer is appreciated.

you should be able to select the faces on the parts you are drawing and run the FS on those faces.

you may need to add the FS to your FS Buttons

Great, I’ll give that a try, thanks.