Fusion 360 on Browser - How to Download g-code Files?

We are looking at the CAM function of Fusion 360. The educational version is accessible with browsers and is entirely on the cloud. We can create g-code files, but I am having trouble getting them from the cloud server to a local machine/USB.

Any suggestions?

Last time I used Fusion on the web, it was very difficult to get any posted code out of the virtual machine it was running on. It’s been a couple years so maybe it’s different now. If I recall, there is Firefox installed to the virtual image that Fusion web runs on, but it was not easy to figure out how to launch it. I think in the Fusion options there is a browse button to set your post processor file path, and I think you can use that Windows explorer dialog to browse to Firefox, and use Alt-Tab to switch between them. You can then save your code to Google Drive or something and then put it on a USB frive from your actual computer.

Anyhow if you have a Windows or Mac computer, just instal Fusion rather than trying use the web version.

Not sure exactly why you’re having issues. When you run post process try posting to a fusion team location. You can then download with any computer connected to the internet and download to a USB drive. My team runs Fusion by browser and have to transfer to a USB drive all the time. Never have an issue with that.

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Make sure you go here in order to download content…

If you have something like vscode installed you can also check Open NC file in editor.

If you’re on windows 11 its also nice to just have the fusion 360 app installed.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the browser based UI? I’m curious if its different from what I get with the app in Windows 11.

@kprzewodek’s suggestion is the best option and how we’ve used Fusion from Chromebooks for a couple of years now.

Fusion in the browser is available here and is slightly laggy but functional enough for CAM on low power devices.

All of our parts and posts are saved to our Fusion Team so they’re revision controlled and accessible by any team member on any device.

On our machines that run Mach3 we use Autodesk Desktop Connector to automatically sync files from our Fusion Team. Typically when a student finishes a post and saves it to the Fusion Team it’s already available to run by the time they’ve walked over to the CNC.

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@pchild, Usually we do the laborious way with a USB drive but I really like your method so I’m going to suggest that. Nice that it has version control as well.

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I created a team and ticked the box, and then I could download it from the team interface.
Thanks for the help!

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