Fusion 360 Slack

So with the 2020 season starting in 2 months I decided to make a post about this. Me and other fusion users within FRC have created a Slack to collaborate and help each other grow our teams’ Fusion skills. Please feel free to join even if you aren’t using Fusion if you want to see a little of what it’s like to join. Link is below and please reply if you have any questions.



Cool resource! … But to be honest, imo discord would be a much better place to run this, if you’re looking to get more members — a lot of us are on the various first discords, so it would be easy to get more people involved. Also getting another discord server for solely fusion360 in robotics would be pretty sweet … Just my two cents.


Discord has upload limits tho…

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Slack has message limits unless you have the nonprofit or paid version somehow. That means you can’t search anything older than 10k messages.
5mb file limits are not that much to work around, but message history is a must IMO.