Fusion 360

I am looking for some video/ curriculum to teach my students Fusion 360 with FRC applications remotely. Any Suggestions.
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and thank you in advance .

In the list of voucher codes that you get each year is a one year subscription to SolidProfessor. It is an amazing website with video tutorials for tons of programs, including Fusion 360. I’d recommend checking that out first.

For learning Fusion 360 I found this series to be great, straight forward and to the point. It starts off with the basics and ends up going up to rendering and animation. Videos are short and to the point, and you don’t need to watch all of it. I think up to the 20th video and you’re more than set. Granted it isn’t FRC tailored, but this was one of my go-to resources for learning when I couldn’t figure things out.

Its a playlist by the way, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZwM87-nsYA&list=PLrZ2zKOtC_-DR2ZkMaK3YthYLErPxCnT-&index=1

I’ve been watching Lars Christensen on YouTube a lot for learning more Fusion 360 and I personally learned all my CAD from his tutorials. Great beginner and advanced videos that should be able to help students learn F360. Not really FRC focused but still a great tool.

Although not too recent, this CD post from 2018 might be of good use.

I’ll also echo a resource found in that thread. I haven’t personally gone through it, and it’s not FRC focused, but Autodesk Design Academy has a ~2 hour Masterclass-style course that goes through many of the aspects of the software that are Fusion specific. Again, not FRC focused, but still likely valuable to learn the idiosyncrasies of Fusion.

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