FusionEdit 1.0 Code?

can someone help me as to where the source for v1.0 is? i want to add in my .NET tabbed editing controls that i wrote for my text editor.

great job, btw, i really like it, thats all its missing :smiley: - i think contrls on my team is going to try and switch over.


The code is open source and available through CVS.

The sourceforge project directory is http://sourceforge.net/projects/fusionedit.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: If you e-mail/PM me your e-mail I’ll send you a copy.
EDIT: Sorry I didn’t respond to you on MSN, but I didn’t recognize your e-mail.

I still think it needs some refining work. It builds the code fine, but I’m getting a lot of unhandled exceptions when I’m testing out the different parts.

The more info you can provide us about your errors the faster we can work on fixing them. Thanks

The code/installer file release was not posted on the SF.net project page, because I was at the kickoff webcast, and I didn’t want to post it before 9:30. :wink:

Sorry about that, the file release is up now. :rolleyes:

Also, if you have a bug to report, please include your system information: processor, memory, operating system, .NET version, and any exception information.