FusionEdit 1.0

After almost two months of development since the first release, FusionEdit 1.0 is finally ready!

Well, not quite. The official release will be at 9:30 AM EST on kickoff day.

FusionEdit is an open source collaborative IDE for FIRST developed by myself, Imajie, and EHaskins. So far, it only runs on Windows/.NET framework, but Ryan M is working on a port.

Partial feature list:

  • Realtime collaborative text editing
  • MPLAB import/export
  • Network chat
  • A shpiffy interface

This project is still in development; it’s been tested on less than ten machines. You can find some screenshots and more information on the website.

Here’s the clicky: fusionedit.sourceforge.net

The download page has a countdown timer for the release.

Hope everyone has fun at the kickoff! :smiley:

Wow, I’m looking forward even more to kickoff!

Hi everyone.

I would just like to say that if anyone has any trouble feel free to PM or e-mail me.

EDIT: It only runs on .NET 2 so make sure you install that first. You can download .NET 2 here.

I may not be a programmer but that is some cool stuff there. Mad props to you and anybody who worked on making this…that is very cool

Can we get a screenshot and/or feature run-down? Are there any features that would make it stand out from another IDE, for instance, for use with FIRST?

Oh, and here’s my biggest thing: Can I write a plugin for it? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m currently in Code::Blocks, and whenever I settle on an Editor, I’m going to write a plugin that automates writing autonomous code for a set of moves. I finally got my gyro code working today :-).

Looking forward to it, just like everyone else ;-).

That info is available at fusionedit.sourceforge.net.

It does not have plugin support, but that is something I’m working on.

I’m also working on integrating Intelitek Loader.

I would like to have EasyC import/export.

In a future release the software will automatically intgrate any code it needs(i.e. any of Kevin’s Code), but only what it needs.

If you have any suggestions PM me or etodd with them.

Have you considered implementing a serial terminal, for recciving printfs from the RC

That’s a good idea. I’m making a list of all the feature requests and suggestions from you guys, so keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

We currently have plans to integrate Intelitek’s Loader, and that has a terminal.

Wow, I have been slacking on checking the forums lately and seeing this makes me sad that I have. This looks excellent guys! I am certainly going to be looking into this for build season.

Less than 12 hours until release! :slight_smile:

<15 minutes to release.

As a note, my port of FusionEdit to GTK#/mono has also run into a major road block in that the computer I was developing on lost its graphics card… so sorry Linux and Mac people, you’ll have to wait a bit. :slight_smile: