Future Chairman's Award Winners/ Help

Some of you may already know me, but I am the former team captain of 359 and now search as a documentation/outreach mentor with the focus having been on Chairman’s, as this was my responsibility on the team as a student. Many you may have tuned into the EWCO RoBro Cast with our coordinator Glenn Lee speaking briefly about the Chairman’s Award, and although he was able to touch on some key points, he did not really have the opportunity to get into much detail. So, I would like to extend my personal help with something similar. I can answer questions directly through email, can do a similar live question and answer period, and/or can post a video. I would like some feedback as to what those of you who have questions would prefer!


That’s awesome! I just sent out an email our outreach team and I hope we can get in contact with you soon!

I would love to ask you some questions, since I do a lot of the chairmans work on my team. What is your email address? Thank you so much.

all question can be emailed to : brianna.danielle.acosta@gmail.com