Future Championship Location?

The following is only true in the imagination of a huge FIRST/Vikings fan, but here me out!!!

  1. Minnesota Legislature passes a stadium bill for the Vikings (2012)

  2. This bumps Saint Louis into the hot seat for a one-way ticket to LA (2013)

  3. The Rams move out, making Edward Jones Dome financially unsustainable (2014)

  4. The stadium is destroyed, leaving FIRST without a venue for its following season (Spring 2015)

  5. FIRST Leaders want to keep the Championship in the midwest, and start looking for a new venue. (Fall 2015)

  6. The new Vikings Stadium opens (2016)

  7. FIRST Execs reward the growing state with 4 regionals (including next-season’s “Double DECCer” in Duluth) with a Championship event in the new Stadium

  8. Some odd-shaped game piece gets lodged in the stadium’s retractable roof, throwing off Tom Brady in the last play of Superbowl LI, giving the MN Vikings their first Superbowl!

Ok…so #8 is probably never gonna happen, but with the Ram’s Stadium getting old, do you think its possible FIRST could go north? -if not, where else?thoughts?

Minneapolis in April… I’ll pass…

Late April is actually a pretty nice time in Minnesota (70’s and not really humid)… But maybe thats my inner Eskimo talking…

But… Are the mosquitoes out in force by then??? :eek:

The stadium won’t be adjacent to the convention center, which makes it a nonstarter.

I know what MN is like in April I live 4 hours away. It gets in the 70’s occasionally. They really just need to go back to Atlanta, in all the places its been Atlanta has been the best and FIRST will be hard to find a better place with lots of things to do that is within walking distance.

I think Indy makes another push to get the event.
Of course we could always go back to Atlanta.

or Disney :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe then we could also bring back ESPN. I think these games would do awesome live on ESPN.

There will be no convention center attached in the current rendering and there is no provision for one in the bill that passed. I’m with you, bringing champs so close would be awesome, but Hell’s freezing over the day Minneapolis hosts CMP.

I don’t think this has ever been mentioned!!! FIRST should build their own venue!

and be forever scolded for wasting sponsor money

Considering it’d only be used, what, 4 days a year (Maybe 7 if they host a regional too)? That’s one heck of an investment for a week worth of use per year.

I believe it was brought up last year. The general consensus was that $100,000,000 was too much money to build a stadium that would only be used a handful of times per year.

Just another burn on the Minneapolis idea… St. Louis’s contract is up after next year. First will have to announce the location for the 2014 year not too long after then(if not at the event). I can’t think of anything that could realistically hold the event here in the northeast, but I don’t mind St. Louis(though FIRST feeds us volunteers, so I don’t have to deal with the city and 10,000 other starving students trying to find food during an hour-long lunch break), and I wouldn’t mind atlanta again. I do think that FIRST is keeping their eyes open though. I can see it heading out toward the west coast eventually(though it would make it a little more difficult for FIRST to get people/supplies to the venue), though I can’t think of any good locations out there.

Because the Cowboys stadium isn’t big enough to hold everyone :rolleyes:

Didn’t someone announce at SVR that a venue for FIRST had been approved in the San Jose area? It’s not big enough for a championship event obviously, but It’s going to be used for kickoff, workshops, practice, and regional events.

It has a lot of seats, but I don’t believe there is any adjoining building to provide enough floor space.

It was announced as a practice facility, not as a venue for holding events.

I have thought the same thing the whole past year. Also as long as we are talking Minnesota. Does any other MN team think MN FIRST should take Mall of America Field (The metrodome) as their home venue and call it The FIRST Dome
The only teams that use it are HS and NCAA baseball teams. We can move them.

I Believe if they open it up for Robotics Championship, a regional, and then FIRST Robotics conferences throughout the year. Have it host an Sponsor trade fair and an Andy Mark conference along with lending it out for concerts and highschool and ncaa events it would find very good use