Future FIRST event? Robot Sumo

This could be a fun endgame. :ahh:

If you want to see FRC sumo, go watch 2002. https://youtu.be/lAmAnkYDUQM

Background: Team 71 figured out in the 2002 game that if you grabbed all 3 goals and move them in the 4th zone from your driver station (one past the center where the goals started), you were mathematically guaranteed to win the game, no matter what the opponents did. They built a specific robot to do that (rush to center, grab all 3 goals, then drop onto file cards that grab the carpet and you couldn’t move them).

Team 66 was their partner because they figured out they were faster and could stop the 3rd goal grab, so 71 picked them to make their world championship win easier.

Also, because of robots like 71 and my HS team (45, who used metal cleats to latch in the carpet), we can’t have metal objects intentionally touching the floor anymore. We tore up WAY too much carpet, just look at all the patches to the field. (we were rated at over 200 lbs of pulling force on a 130 lb robot (counting battery, bumpers didn’t exist))

2003’s game, Stack Attack, had a 2v2 “King of the Mountain” end game, where robots got big bonus points for ending the game on the raised platform at the middle of the field. There were epic pushing matches, flipped robots sliding back down the ramps, robots climbing on top of other robots…loved it.

So a coopertition bridge without the coopertition? Awesome