Future FRC Game Piece Idea

This week we were training our new robotics students how to CAD, and after many asked how to do “impossible shapes” like a penrose triangle, one of the mentors made a demo of one for the students to try. After 3D printing it I realized how awesome this would be as a future game piece. May be a fun challenge to pick up and handle something like this

I was going to reference Triple Play but then I looked at the 2nd picture and oh my god what is that

And the field will be Escher-esqe?

It’s like a Mobius Strip, but with arguably 4* sides instead of arguably 2*. And also triangular-shaped.

*The other argument being single-sided

looks like a 3d sine wave.

Just for the record, it’s not really “arguable” how many sides a Moebius strip has; it’s one. :wink: