future MSU students

Hey is anyone going to MSU (Michigan State) this yr? If so is anyone interested in trying to help start up a robotics team or getting involved? And if you have any ideas feel free to respond. Thanx.

Rachel from Team 5

A good friend of mine from high school who was a member of team 27 has already been working on a team at State. Her name is Samantha Rutledge. I’m sure you can track down her e-mail without too much trouble.

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i used to be a member of team 469, and am currently a student at MSU (michigan state). i have the names of a few different current seniors (graduating in 03) that are looking to also help start a team. if you guys want to join in, that would be great. Also, to the guy that said his friend “Samantha Rutledge” worked on an MSU team, where does she go to school? because she is not enrolled at MSU. please feel free to send me an email if you want to help out ([email protected]). im planning on trying to pick things up in the fall of 03.



I know there’s a former member of 201 there who would probably be willing to help you out. He’s been interested in starting a team up there all year. I can get you in touch with him if you need help.


her aol name is sammy7504 hope this helps

i’ll be at MSU next year…i already talked to kailey about it. i hope we can get one started and share our experiences with more kids…it will also add even more an interesting element between my brother and me, whos mentoring a team at U of M
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