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With the cancellation of the season, replay of Infinite Recharge, the change of FLL, and everything else going on, what do you think the future of FRC let alone FIRST will be? I know personally I still have another three years left on my team, but I’ve been in FIRST for 4 seasons now so I’ve seen what each program is like. With this amount of time left I will be one of the few to see what happens next in this program. I can tell that it will get harder financially, recruitment will be difficult, and we will see a lot of low resource and rookie teams that had potential faze out. I want to know what other opinions are on what we will see in the future and how it will affect other build and competition seasons to come because right now I think most people agree when I say that Infinite Recharge truly is infinite.

I think some people are going to build cool robots.


Big if true


Hot take: Hot takes on this site are getting weak. /s

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Hot take: FIRST and VEX will become embroiled in a joint accounting fraud scandal on the level of Enron and shut down thanks to covid, leading us to our Seaperch overlords


There is going to be a huge spike in team attrition over the next two years. FIRST has been prioritizing growth over sustainability for years, and we’re going to see the fallout of that.

Ultimately, once COVID fades and the world returns to normalcy, FIRST isn’t going to be dramatically changed. FIRST HQ is going to have to do a lot of work to reduce costs for teams in the 2021 season, and I hope that some of those changes become permanent.

Are the current registration costs justified? Is is sustainable to make districts and regionals foot the bills on their own? Does it make sense to force teams into buying the KOP in its current iteration? Is the RoboRIO really a cost-effective solution?


Explains the Bill of Materials.


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